I’m proud to announce a course from a course alumni and Brother in Arms, ‘Mike’, on Team Leader Tactics. American Partisan exists in part to build this community, and the path forward through training. Instead of the usual clowns sniping at each other, we’re building. -NC Scout

The importance of getting good training has never been more relevant than right now. If you’re like me, you’ve been honing your individual skill sets of marksmanship, land navigation, getting your gear squared away, etc. You may be networking or already have a solid group of friends that you can rely on, and since you’re reading AP, you’re probably the organizer/leader of your group. You may all be good to go with your personal skills, but you still wonder how your group will handle taking fire for the first time. Do your buddies even know how to patrol, or does their “training” consist of shooting precious ammo quickly at targets 25 yards away? You’ve trained yourself, but what about your teammates?

This is why I’ve decided to start offering a one-day Team Leader class. During the course I will teach you how to effectively organize into fire teams and squads, and how to take full advantage of any special weapons you may have available. We will cover how to use team-based training to mold a group of willing volunteers into a cohesive fighting force. Finally, you will lead a team of fellow students in a series of battle drills to get the experience you need to apply what you’ve learned on your own.

I want to make sure that, before I start charging you money to take time to travel to my class, you know that I am capable of making the trip worth your while. Because I have not taught classes like this to civilians before, I am offering the first class free of charge on February 6th in East NC. Follow-on classes will be announced later.

I should note that there is no ammunition requirement for this course. The reason for this is twofold. First, given the current ammo shortage, I want to lower the barrier for you to get the training that you need. Second, I want to show you that you can train your teams without burning precious rounds.

For more information about the class or to register, email [email protected]. I look forward to training with you.

God Bless,


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