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While stalking, the sniper leads and the spotter follows, traveling along the same exact path so there’s less detectable sign left in grass and brush, and ihey don’t becomc separated while low-crawling, Since he’s in the lead, the sniper can modify their route if he sees a better hide position. Meanwhile, since he’s trailing, the spotter “sterilizes” their backtrail, removing or erasing any evidence of their passage.

Stalking, especially if you’re crawling, is physically draining. Not only docs hurry endanger you, but it wears you down and easily leads to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. If you’re low-crawling even 150 yards per hour, you’re probably traveling too fast.

When selecting the route, try to have cach leg end in brush tall enough so you can at least sit up, rest, drink water, and glass ahead of you. It also gives you a chance to readjust your Ghillie suit and possibly changc your next leg based on your updated assessment.

Sniper Stalking Techniques
WOODLAND STALKING. Divide your route into “legs” and match the best movement technique to each leg.

mind processes 60 visual images per second, which is why television broadcasting uses 60 frames per second. The significance is that an enemy’s eye can “see” something that moves enough that it changes visible position in 1/60 of a second. So you have to lift or turn your head so slowly that there’s no visible difference in just 1/60 of a second. Given that you normally turn your head 90 degrees in less than a second, this means turning so slowly that it seems you’re thinking about moving more than you’re while low-crawling, you can use the sun’s actually moving. I’d guesstimate taking about location to stay oriented while on your leg. 15 to 25 seconds.

Know the exact compass direction you must To furdier minimize detection, lift only the travel so you can check it about every 10 side of your head for a flatter, less distinct minutes—but without lifting your head. Wind silhouette. And do so slowly. direction, too, can be used to keep oriented, When assessing the threat of detection, the again rechecking it about every 10 minutes in only safe assumption while stalking is that your case it shifts. location is under continuous surveillance by an

Should you absolutely have to lift your optically equipped foe ready to engage you the head, move it so slowly that movement cannot instant you get sloppy, be detected. What does this mean? The human

Sniper Overwhites

WRONG I Don’t poke your entire head above concealment (L); keep it low and on its side (R) and move very slow.

Because you don’t want to lift your head

Sniper Stalking TechniquesSniper OverwhitesStalking SniperPump Airgun SchematicAntique Sniper Rifles

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