Big Tech is well past being a serious problem. They are now banning POTUS and suppressing meaningful dissent. And that’s just what they’re telling us to our face. I’m sure they’re using other manipulative behavior to gain undue influence.
Getting/keeping people’s attention and subtly influencing their thoughts is the core business model for Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. They get paid by advertisers to make an “impression”. Maybe they convince you to buy a bag of chips, or burn a book on censorship. The business model is the same. They sell influence. And billions of dollars in ad money says Big Tech influence works.
We’re fortunate that Big Tech is really showing their hand these days. Companies are tripping over themselves to censor and control. Influence is what made them rich and powerful. And they always want more. Today it’s POTUS, but who will it be tomorrow? Is it far fetched to think every new leader they don’t like will be silenced?
It’s a new low for the warlords of Big Tech. So while they have the spotlight, figured I’d do a quick SWOT analysis on them (below). SWOT is a framework to assess the competitive landscape. You can do SWOT on yourself, or others. The idea is to map out important internal and external factors, then do some strategic pondering.
As an example, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Idaho just blocked Facebook and Twitter ( I bet it was a real pleasure to create those firewall rules, but you’re fighting against their strength of dominant market position. Maybe the better strategy is to feed into the threat of employee dissatisfaction. Drag ass on getting internet service to tech workers fleeing California for Idaho. Or downgrade speeds for the transplants, so bandwidth stays with long-standing residents/customers.
I don’t know if my SWOT analysis is correct, but the approach is tried and true. Keep poking at them until you hit a nerve. Then press on that nerve as hard as you can, for as long as you can. Don’t fight their strengths. Exploit their weaknesses, suppress their opportunities and continue to be a threat!
Massive amounts of cash/capital
Massive amounts of data
Dominant market position
Large workforce
Core software features are easily replicated
Algorithms are dependent on data
Bloated corporate bureaucracy
Reliance on off-shore workforce
Wall Street demands for perpetual growth
Political power via Biden administration revolving door
Maintain dominance through purchase of start-ups
AI and Machine Learning to consolidate control
Censorship of dissenting opinions
Internet of Things
American partisans
Start-ups with ideological differences
Anti-trust laws
Data privacy laws
Employee dissatisfaction (unionization, whistleblowers, etc)