Here are three great (and short!) videos I came across from Pat McNamara, aka the King of Badassery (if you don’t know his resume, I highly recommend watching this video from Jocko’s podcast). He spent 22 years in Special Operations and now has his own training company alongside a few books, like Sentinel and T.A.P.S.
We have previously posted some other videos of his which can be found linked below:
Video: Weapon Malfunction Training from Pat McNamara
Video: Ballistics and Basic Rifle Marksmanship from Pat McNamara
VIDEO: Importance of Functional Strength Training with Joe Rogan and Pat McNamara
VIDEO: Firing Position from Pat McNamara
Why Your Carbine Should Be on “Safe” During a Mag Change
Safety manipulation should be second nature.

Target Analysis
Pat McNamara explains target analysis to Soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division after firing rounds.

Sunday Sentinel Sermon. Your Car is Your Limo
Pat gives some great advice concerning your car.