Originally published on Badlands Fieldcraft. He’s got an excellent course coming up as well– training is how we win. -NCS
So I just finished listening in on my local county commission meeting to decide if our county will follow our governor’s new mandate easing mask requirements, or if they will choose to create stricter mandates to continue on in the fashion we have been.
Our Governor was recently replaced after my state swept democrats clean out of office, and the new governor has issued a new directive. He insists on common sense, not using any bogus science or made up numbers to enforce a mask mandate.
This of course is great news, and it was interesting to hear the conversation go back and forth. While the idea of creating our own county mandate was brought up, it quickly fell on its face when it came to enforcement. Nobody could seem to figure out how they would legally do it, other than giving fines for trespassing if a business wanted you to wear one and you chose not to. There was also a comment on how that technically still wouldn’t enforce the mandate, just an already existing trespass law.
It was also brought up by some astute commissioners that it really didn’t matter what they decided to do, the people of the area have already decided and are acting upon their own wishes already, and many haven’t worn masks even under the last Governor’s mandate. One of them even said they wouldn’t be surprised to see mask burning parties.
It’s a small victory that I get to enjoy today, as I’ve been intentionally not complying the whole time. As I wrote last year we will have to answer for the way we act, and today I can be proud that I didn’t give in to fear and help propagate a lie. I can be proud that I helped spread strength by being an example and defiantly waltzing right past mask requirement signs. In a way I might miss pissing the purple haired door guards off, it’s kind of fun. But then again I can always find my amusement in other productive ways.