I’m really, really excited to get this post up. Badlands Rifleman and I had a very long conversation the last time I was out west, and it culminated in me badgering him into offering training…er…well, it didn’t take much convincing. He’s got all the right stuff, as did James over at OnPoint Tactical who was also in class- both Marines, both squared away, both more than capable of offering this community the absolute best training experience. This course is going to be one you’re not gonna want to miss. -NC Scout

Task and Purpose:

To give the student a broad set of fundamental fieldcraft skills that could be used to protect life, property and liberty. Class will be 3.5 days long, conducted completely off-grid, living out of a ruck and under the conditions of a non-permissive environment while working in a team that is foot mobile on the land. I have a lot of material I want to get through and classes will run into the evening or later. Course will focus primarily on the following skills: rifle marksmanship, land navigation, wilderness survival, camouflage and small unit tactics.

Price is $400 per person; cash, money order or barter. Payment is due in full prior to class unless other arrangements are made. Cancel within two weeks of class for a full refund. To register email me at [email protected] (Do yourself a favor and get a free tutanota account while you’re at it!)

This class will include daily hikes of 2-4 miles with your equipment (depending on how you pack this could be over 50 pounds) over rough terrain while conducting land navigation so being in good physical condition is advised. The intent isn’t to “break people off” in this class but the nature of the beast is what it is. I want to give everyone the opportunity to get as much realistic training as they can for their time and money and that might include facing some challenges and having to push outside of your comfort zone sometimes.

All of the “required equipment” will be required to be carried during the land navigation courses. In addition we will be camping in a different location each night without returning to the vehicles so any equipment you want at night will have to be carried as well. If, during the course, you don’t feel this is possible anymore but would still like to participate to the best of your ability you will still be allowed to train and learn. I reserve the right to pull anyone from an activity if I feel it is unsafe for them to participate.

I’ve included links to many of the items for clarity and also to help you source them, although you can bring whatever you want as long as the items meet the criteria. I get no kickback whatsoever if you use these links, I just prefer to go through good small businesses instead of through Amazon.

Required Equipment

How you pack and carry your equipment is up to you, although I hope that by doing this class you come away with a very refined system that works for you if you don’t have one already. My advice: keep your pack-list light and tight. If you’re just starting out please don’t hesitate to email me with questions, I want everyone’s time to be as productive as possible.

Navigation and note taking – I highly advise the Suunto MC2NH if you have never done land navigation before. Because of this I will be teaching based off this compass and will require every student to have one. If you have other compasses you like to use feel free to bring them and use them as well.

  • Suunto MC2NH Compass
  • 1:10,000/ 1:100,000 protractor.
  • Map pens
  • 3x mechanical pencils
  • 3×5 rite in the rain notepad
  • 8 1/2 x 11 rite in the rain notebook for notes and PAUL maps
  • Pace beads if wanted
  • Head lamp with red lens and spare batteries
  • Ranger Handbook, older versions (mine is the 1985 version) may be better since they will typically be more pertinent to this class.
  • GPS (of any form) is not allowed during the class and completely defeats the purpose of the class.

Emergency Equipment – The area where we will be training is rough and remote and there isn’t much for cell coverage. Because of this we will utilize radios to stay in contact as well as have some back up emergency signal equipment.

  • Whistle
  • FRS radio or Baofeng UV-5R (or equivalent if a licensed ham operator) in waterproof bag with spare batteries. Read the manual and familiarize yourself with it before coming to class please.
  • XXXL (in other words as big as you can find, needs to fit over you and your gear) Hunter’s orange vest
  • 1 roll Orange flagging/ surveyors tape
  • 3x orange chem lights
  • Individual First Aid Kit with minimum one CAT tourniquet placed in a readily accessible location on your gear.
  • Small “boo boo” kit for cuts and scrapes. Should include assorted band aids, Triple antibiotic ointment, Benzoin ampules, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Immodium, Benadryl.

Survival and Field Equipment

Tactical Equipment

  • Modern self-loading centerfire rifle with sling. (.308 or less in power)
  • 100 rounds of ammunition. No penetrator ammo. Marksmanship training will consist of position building exercises, dry fire and unknown distance engagements out to 500+ yards.
  • Optional- Snap cap if wanted for dry firing
  • Enough magazines to carry a minimum of 200 rounds ammunition. This is to ensure the student has the capability to carry an average, standardized load of ammunition. These will be empty mags.
  • Your preferred style of tactical load bearing equipment.
  • Cleaning gear, tools, spare batteries and spare parts for weapon system and optics. I will have a full tool set on site but bring the tools specific to your equipment as well.
  • Coyote and OD sniper veil. Spray paint one side the opposite color. For example, if using a tan veil paint one side OD so it’s reversible.
  • Camo face paint
  • Earth toned or camouflaged clothing
  • Optional- Any day or night optics you would typically carry
  • Optional- shooting aids such as bipods, tripods, etc. We will be hiking to the range so keep that in mind.
  • Optional – Viper hood/ Ghillie and Ghillie thread
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Welcome American Partisans!

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