Originally published on Badlands Fieldcraft. He’s got an excellent course coming up as well– training is how we win. -NCS

For those who may be unfamiliar with the term “dummy cord” it just means to tie your equipment down. As your hiking along sometimes things can come loose and fall out of pockets or pouches and having a secondary means of retaining an item is a smart idea, especially if that item is critical to you accomplishing your goals or returning alive.

I was first introduced to the concept as a young Marine and I personally thought I was “too cool” for dummy cords, since only dummies must need them, right? WRONG! Only dummies don’t use them! Ask me how I found that one out…

I’ve since seen many occasions where dummy cords have either saved the day, or could have, and I would much rather hold onto my stuff. So I’d like to share some quick tips on a good method I’ve been using for dummy cording.

To start off with, you’re going to want a piece of strong cordage long enough to allow you to use your item, but not any longer. My go to cordage is #36 bank line. Give yourself an extra foot or so, it’s easier to cut the extra off then to add on.

An optional piece of equipment but one that I like is the little S-Biner from NiteIze. These are actually sold as a set for managing keys at hardware stores, but they work good for having a quick detach on your gear too.

Your also going to want a lighter to melt your cordage ends with.

Start off with tying overhand knots close to each end of your cordage.

Then tie Bowline knots on each end as well, keeping the tag end with the overhand knot short. Make the Bowline loop big enough to pass the S-biner through.

Next loop the cordage around anything on your gear that is solid. In my example I’m using the internal strap in this grenade pouch, but molle webbing, a belt loop or any other solid point will work.

Now just pass one Bowline through the other and snug it tight against the mounting point and hook the S-biner into the free Bowline then into the equipment.

Now you’re not a dummy anymore since you can now dummy cord your gear!

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