After the famous attacks on law enforcement last summer using lasers to blind and distract; I made some observations on these tactics and decided that this is the new normal. We all saw the video of the drones in South America taken down by lasers used in mass. I have no doubt there are left wing chats and webpages celebrating these victories and discussing the use of green lasers as a “non-violent” weapon of revolution. Blue lasers will certainly make an appearance as well as they are much more powerful. Good Bye 2020! Hello Laser lights and Hindsights!
Also, to our LEO’s and Military; You only can be permanently blinded once… FYI.


This is now the standard. The future was yesterday.

I did some research, and it turns out that there is no “all purpose” laser safe lens. They are designed for each specific wavelength. However, they do make one that is a “general purpose” laser safe lense; But they specify that it is not nearly as effective as a dedicated lens.
During this same period we saw projectiles, fireworks, and gas being used in conjunction with paintballs and airsoft guns to assault citizens, military, and police. I decided I needed some better protective eyewear that will met the needs of the modern battlefield, or revolution… And make no mistake, the modern battlefield is saturated with lasers. Some lasers you can see, and others you can not. Both are very dangerous.
My search led me to Revision, a military and law enforcement eye protection contract supplier. They make great stuff. 10 years ago, the Revision gear didn’t have quite the same aesthetics as the Oakleys, so Oakley was favored by the average police officer or military service member.

Times have changed… You heard it here first Partisans.

I found the Revision Stingerhawk Laser Protective Eyewear and The FT-2 Laser Lens.
This protects against Blue, Green, and Violet Lenses.
This one offers minimal protection against most common lasers.
There are lenses to protect against InfraRed and Various Wavelenghts.
About the lenses,
They make two sizes. Large and Regular for both the frames and lens.
Curiously, the lens has a mark on it that says “No Driving”. Which, of course, I tested. Don’t use the lenses when you drive. Wow… That is pretty difficult… Especially at night.
I purchased two extra frames for a total of three. Which cost about $60, or $30 per frame. I don’t have to swap the lens and frame now; Which can be rather difficult as they are quite tight. I decided to skip this so I can switch to clear, smoke, or laser safe depending on the situation rather quickly. Like driving, shooting, or overwatch.
The laser lens offers many of the same advantages as a proper high def lens. If you have never used a proper pair of HD lenses, I highly recommend them; Wow do they work great. In the snow you can see much, much more detail and you don’t get “washed out” or fatigued by too much light. “Snowblind” is, in fact, a real threat. The Laser Lenses are HD and also help with this very, very well. I walked around in the snow wearing my lenses quite a bit last week, and will during the next round of snow we receive. I also tested my laser lens with my binoculars, spotting scope, and optical sights for my rifles. Perfection… No problems at all. Maybe even more clear if you can believe that.
The “Stingerhawks” work really, really well; And they are very comfortable and have great aesthetics. I give them a 100% in satisfaction. And, I am going to write the “Consumer Requests” division at Revision and ask them to make a set of “Blue” lenses that can be used while I work at a computer. I hope they take my request seriously. Screens and lasers… Amirite?

For the record, you don’t need to buy extra nose pieces, just some extra frames. And two full frames fit in the nice case, with the third on your face. You also receive enough soft cloth bags to keep your lenses in while nested in the case. The package comes with Smoke, Clear, and FT-2 lenses if you purchase the combination. Though it isn’t pictured on the website.

Revision also offers an awesome discount for the police, military, and firefighters. The link is on the right side of the webpage, under the checkout box. It’s an awesome % off. And really takes the “Sting” out of the Stingerhawks.

I can’t wait to take my new lenses to the skeet and trap range this weekend for some moving target training.

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-Johnny Paratrooper