We’re in the middle of the TC3 Course and during the wound cavitation / packing lab, the question always comes up regarding exploring wound channels, both from the entry and exit wound. We use yoga blocks as an inexpensive training aid and while its not quite as dramatic as ballistic gelatin, its less expensive and when done right, gives a realistic picture of the actual damage from a round.

I inserted a pork shoulder bone into the yoga block and shot it with a 125 grain soft point from an AK at approximately 25m. The bone shattered and had to be hunted down and re-inserted for the pics.

The block was shot a couple of times without the bone in to demonstrate a through-and-through with minimal tissue disruption, and as you can see, even a 30 caliber bullet is a small hole. When hitting bone and introducing bullet fragmentation, things change:

This is the exit wound, including the round itself, debris and fragments of bone all causing cavitation. The shoulder bone itself was shattered on the tip(stuffed back in the block for a visual representation to the class), exposing marrow and also keeping bullet jacket fragments:

Its a cheap way to test the effectiveness of your defensive loads. Pretty nasty, huh?

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