Folks, Team Tyranny is gearing up to deal with those 75 million white supremacist potential domestic terrorists, aka Trump voters, using the same tactics they used against ISIS and Al Queda in Iraq and Syria. Don’t take my word for it, they are on the record.

Somebody just sent me this OV-10 Bronco vs ISIS article link. It’s from 2016, but the information will have major implications for the possibly coming “war against domestic terrorism,” aka, “get rid of those evil racist deplorable Trump voters by any means necessary.”
Any light plane or helicopter can be used to carry small pods holding seven or more 2.75″ precision laser-guided rockets. These are not the unguided “area suppression” 2.75s from the old days; these little rockets are now able to even hit moving vehicles in built-up areas, with little or no collateral damage, making them the perfect choice for Team Tyranny during a possible CW2. And do it from long range.

Those Old OV-10 Broncos Sent To Fight ISIS Were Laser Rocket-Slinging Manhunters

“The news that the Pentagon was sending a pair of refurbished and highly-upgraded Vietnam-era OV-10 Broncos to Iraq to take on ISIS raised a lot of eyebrows. It was a new twist in a decade and a half of counter-insurgency warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the United States has never used a light air support and surveillance aircraft. For many, the OV-10’s appearance in Iraq had been very long overdue.
Now, The War Zone reveals details of what the pair of OV-10G+ Broncos were doing in Iraq, and how they went about it with impeccable results.
The Broncos were used to find, fix and finish the enemy. In the past, this process was largely accomplished by at least two very different aircraft and platform communities, both of which usually had their own unique command and control structures. By condensing all the required capabilities into a single platform—the OV-10—the kill chain could be drastically compressed and save gobs of money in the process.
The truth is, OV-10s weren’t really close air support aircraft in the traditional sense at all—they were manhunters.”
“In some ways the Broncos wrote a new book on APKWS tactics during their tour in Iraq. When key officials were briefed on what the Broncos did during their time there, and hours of footage of the APKWS slinging OV-10s in action was shown, those officials were flabbergasted with what they saw.
The Bronco’s “match grade” MX-15HD FLIR turret and big high-def display in the cockpit make the aircraft among the most accurate precision strike platforms on the planet. Night after night, the OV-10s put this capability to work. Instead of blowing up buildings or convoys, Bronco crews were killing ISIS fighters standing in dark windows, or in a single truck surrounded by others.
As far as just how precise the OV-10 crews could be with their laser-guided rockets and high-end targeting sensors, the Bronco’s prowess in this department was almost freakish. It wasn’t just taking out bad guys in windows—they were doing the same with fighters hiding under eaves, overhangs, dense cover and in doorways. Essentially, the Broncos were flying snipers for special operations forces hunting ISIS in Iraq. They could observe with great clarity from on high, collect intelligence and stalk the enemy. They could also kill that enemy with incredible accuracy. Instead of using a sniper’s bullet, the Broncos used the Pentagon’s guided munition equivalent, laser-guided rockets.
One shot, one kill, even under the most demanding of combat conditions.”
(Read it all at the link)

Here is the 5-minute YooToob video of the company touting their amazing rocket upgrade sections. You just take any old “dumb” 2.75″ rocket, unscrew the warhead from the rocket motor, and screw their laser guidance section in between. Good to go!
The Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System turns a standard unguided 2.75-inch (70 millimeter) rocket into a precision laser-guided rocket to give warfighters a low-cost surgical strike capability.
This type of munition will be a primary weapon of choice when Team Tyranny, including the coming 100% “Woke” pro-commie military purged of evil conservatives, decides to finally take out nests of dangerous deplorables. No need to kick down doors and risk the lives of gun confiscators: just put one of these precision munitions through the roof.
People used to think I was exaggerating or using hyperbole when I wrote my Enemies Trilogy years ago. I wasn’t kidding then, and I’m not kidding now. Pay attention, this will be on the final exam.