Just kidding…

This is a regular post on cars, motorcycles, and trucks to remind you fix and repair your car, or some suggestions on vehicle supplies and products.

I own everything I recommend in RED and have them on all my vehicles.

Let’s get started.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines…3…2…1…


Spare Full Size Tires

Spark Plugs (These should be changed more often than you think)

Extra Oil

Filters: Cabin, Intake, and Oil


Ejection Seat

Tire Repair Kits

Atlas and Maps


Extra Eyepro and Extra Sunglasses

Gas Cans


Stinger Missiles

160 PSI Manual Tire Pump


Full Size Spare

Cargo Rack???


Bike Rack???

Extra Lighting

Battery that isn’t 3-4 years old

Fuel Additives, Cleaners, and Octane Boosters

Two Auxiliary Cabin lights that run on AA and AAA(One Each)

Solar Panel Battery Tender

Mag-light (Extra Large and Long)

BIC Lighters

Rain Gear Top and Bottom

Winter Jacket

Camo Cover

Washer Fluid

Windex (Brand name) and Shop Towels

200 count Baby wipes

De-Icer Spray Bottle (Works Great) and Scraper/Brush combo

3M Window Tint: Highly Recommend, Deflects .38 special at the right angle, will stop an attacker with implement like a bat or crowbar. VERY STRONG. Don’t get more than 50% dark.

Coolant System Flushed lately???

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change???

Brake Job???

Some Freeze Dried Food Just In Case

Two Cases of Water (I use the $2 gallons)

Spare Underwear and Socks




Runner Board(s)

Locking Fuel Cap!!! ($10)

Fuel Filter

Fuel Transfer Pump

Battery Powered FM/AM Radio

Battery Tender Hookups connected?

Jumper Cables


Respirator and Goggles (For being tale vehicle on patrol= Very Dusty)

Clean nylon paintbrush for dusting dash and electronics


Pocket Fishing Rod (Most old roads follow waterways…)

Picture of your smoking hot GF and/or Wife

50/50 Coolant

New Shocks?

New Struts?

CB Radio

Spare Bulbs (Signal, Brake, High-beams, and Headlight)

Stealth Photo Blocking License Plate Cover

Calvin and Hobbes peeing on Karl Marx Sticker.

Spare Change and Cash.

A Real Tire Jack


Reflector Vest

Trash Bags

Medical Supplies

Empty Backpack

Powdered Coffee or Caffeine Pills

WeatherTech Floor Covers (Highly Recommended; Makes for a smoother ride IMHO)

WeatherTech Rain Guards (Highly Recommended; Looks like your windows are up if you match it to your tint, and you can actually breath without getting snow or rain in your car you can also sleep in your car without dying of C02 saturation)


Leave comments on stuff I neglected to mention and I’ll add it to the list.


Thanks for reading.

Johnny Paratrooper