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There is an old saying from that Democrat bastion of corruption and graft Tammany Hall that goes:

“When you don’t have enough evidence to convince the public of a PERCEIVED wrong, just manufacture some!”

The Modern day Stasi and one of the most useless and corrupt government agencies in existence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has now come out with some video footage (Surprise!) of supposed “Armed Insurrectionist” placing “pipe bombs” at the RNC and DNC Headquarters in Washington D.C. on January 6th.

Isn’t it amazing how evidence like this just appears? Or better yet is manufactured?

Political Ammunition they call it nowadays or a more accurate word might be Manufactured Dissent.

Because if you say something often enough and with enough passion in the 21st century people accept it as truth, right?

Of course it helps to have CCTV footage also.

Make no mistake about it, The Armed Insurrection Hoax  being perpetrated by the power drunk marxist goons in D.C. is going to be the catalyst for one of the biggest assaults and invasions to American Liberty since the British burned D.C. to the ground in 1814.

Prepare Accordingly.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

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