Time feels very, very short, meaning the Fan draws closer every minute of every day.
This simple matrix has been useful in many things, but it can be adapted  to who we deal with in a prep context.
The ‘can/can’t’ refers to abilities. The ‘will/won’t’ to motivation. It’s a basic  system basically to see who is worth making connections to or working with.
1. Can and Will. SOLD! They have abilities generally, and specific abilities you find valuable and need. And they have the motivation and resilience to ‘work’ them, and work them over time at that. If ya’ll are on the same page as to needs, objectives, aims – Done Deal.
2. Can’t but Will. They have the heart, the fire, the desire, but must have patience and frustration tolerance. They are the teachable and coachable. If you invest the time and effort, they will repay in ability and effectiveness. The limitation may be their time investment, e.g. can they get up to speed fast enough to suit your time investment?
And here is the most interesting group depending on your definition of ‘can/can’t.’ Lots of old guys live here; they can’t run and gun, but they know radio, or herbs, or mechanics, or they are ‘people who know people.’  This category has been sold short more than once, and that’s a mistake because there is an auxiliary place for these skills.
3. Can but Won’t. They need motivation, whether positive and reinforcing, or negative and based on fear of a greater pain. The most complicated and potentially heart-breaking of the four. One man  may need confidence and encouragement. One may need a solid kick in the butt, and another one after that. One may need to see a vision of what is possible – he has all the tools mentally and in character, but just hasn’t latched onto a personalized Vision that motivates him.
Then there are those who just will not sustain motivation for whatever reason, and they become energy suckers. They just don’t have it in them to catch fire and self-motivate. They may eventually get there, but YOU may not have the time and emotional resources to invest enough to get to them where they need to be; it’s a cost-benefit analysis.
4. Can’t/Won’t. Avoid contact. They will whine you to death; best not to even waste a second of the time we have left.
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