“Leaders’  on our side need to just STOP.
No More Rationalizations to ‘understand their point of view.’ NO MORE.
The ‘other side’  misunderstands. They have basically  good intentions. They just get emotional. Their passions run away with them. They are misinformed. Or at best they do what they do because they are incompetent.
They may well be all those things, and many more. But if so, they remain willfully  in that camp, supporting those things, pushing that cart along, betraying their fellows and those who trusted them, and even standing in the way of rightful defense of those on the receiving end of cancel culture and outright assault.
With leaders like these, who needs enemies? But in truth, having enemies is easier because they are easily identified as such. I loathe to regret the immense amount of time lost trusting all the ‘We’re fighting for you” snakes; remember Boehner, hero McCain, Romney, Ryan and a hundred more?
And all the while the same-other side was busy building their internal spy apparatus, taking bids on selling the USA, and otherwise dissolving every bit of social, traditional and shared values ‘glue’ that held this country together.
And today a hundred corporate leaders who have received billions in our taxpayer bailouts come out against election integrity.
And coup plotters go free. And sons of presidents go uncharged. And supporters of the ‘wrong’ party get beaten half to death in jail. And “too big to fail’ business reach astronomical levels of profit while small business gets crushed and punished out of existence.
NO. They who design, implement, support, energize are NOT ‘basically good people with good intentions.’ Unless you define ‘good’ from their world view. No doubt Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot were all basically good boys who meant so very well. And for that they are above criticism because they – like Woke America – have Higher Virtue and are therefore above critique and apparently thereby above the law.
The time is very late in the game, and may already be in the two-minute zone with Red Team inside the 10 From this very moment any “leader” on our side at ANY level must be taken to task to support US with a claw and nail fight, or immediately GET OUT to make room for someone who will. Governor, mayor, school board, minister, scout leader, crossing guard.
They boycott, why can’t we? Wrong question: why won’t we? They go scorched earth, why won’t we? They never, ever break ranks for any reason at any time, can we form an unbreakable shield wall?
Clearly if our ‘leaders’ fight at all they slap-box with pillows, they fight with MMA and hidden knives.
But their most successful and go-to tactic to date is that they swarm. It’s probably hard-wired in their nature, to be part of the hive, the collective, the herd. We have our brave men, but oh so few, and with so little support. One swarms, they all swarm.
When we fix this issue, the tables will turn. Then we need our own Book of Tactics and the general will to use them.
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