I started this series, TDG (Tactical Decision Game) Tuesdays, to get you more in the mindset of how you could potentially handle a given tactical scenario with a limited amount of resources and manpower. My goal is to get you to read these scenarios and think about what resources you have available, what sort of scenarios you might encounter, and what gaps you need to fill in your equipment/training.

I will use the basic 5-paragraph operations order format, or SMEAC, to present the scenario as follows;

Situation: Disposition of all friendly, hostile, and adjacent forces.

Mission: What we are trying to do.

Execution: How we are going to do it.

Admin & Logistics: Who/what is getting where and how.

Command & Signal: Who is in charge and how they are communicating.

TDG 7: The Other Side of the COIN

Note: This TDG builds off of TDG 6: COIN. If you haven’t already done that exercise, get your answer to that TDG and then come back.

Situation: Guerrilla Warfare Scenario. You are the local guerrilla commander in charge of a small platoon of volunteers fighting the PLA occupation in your county.

  • OPFOR Situation: The local PLA garrison occupies a FOB just NW of the town of Eminence, as shown on the map. After several successful guerrilla attacks on PLA forces in the last two months, our informant has told us that the local garrison has received some additional units (see TDG 6: COIN).

  • BLUFOR Situation: Following your successful attacks on the PLA, your group has grown in size from the original 17 to a platoon of 30 fighters, broken into three small squads. You are encamped in the forest in the vicinity of Midridge, regularly displacing your base camp when necessary. You are running low on 5.56 ammunition for your AR-15s, but thankfully a successful raid on a PLA checkpoint has yielded some captured weapons and ammunition.

  • Independents Situation: The civilian populace is largely supportive of your guerrillas, and those who aren’t still don’t like the PLA invaders. Local police units have been taken over by the Chinese, but only cooperate as much as they need to. Police checkpoints rarely search vehicles for contraband like they’re supposed to, unless a PLA supervisor is present.

    • ANTIFA, emboldened by the communist occupation and with weapons/training from the Chinese, are essentially a state-sponsored gang at this point. They have a small camp outside the PLA FOB, and they occasionally drive around in large numbers bullying the local populace.

Mission: Based on your analysis of the EMLCOA (Enemy Most Likely Course Of Action) in the last TDG, determine what changes you will make to your operations planning to counter potential enemy actions/changes in SOP.

Execution: Up to you.

Admin & Logistics: Your platoon now has the following resources:

  • 25 AR-15s

  • roughly 500 rounds of 5.56 ammunition

  • 4 captured QBZ-95 rifles

  • 1 captured QBB automatic rifle

  • 700 rounds of 5.8×42 ammunition

  • 1 captured PKM light machine gun with 300 rounds

  • 6 hand grenades

  • 1 underslung grenade launcher mounted on a QBZ, with 10 rounds of HE ammo

  • the same 2 pickup trucks and 5 quads from TDG 5, but with very low fuel.

  • 4x FRS walkie-talkies

  • 10x Baofeng UV-5Rs

  • 2 PVS-14 NVGs, and 2 captured NVGs

Command & Signal: Up to you, be mindful of the enemy’s SIGINT capabilities. Remember, not all communications are electronic.

Once again, the point of this and last week’s TDGs is to drive home the fact that your enemy will adapt their tactics to defeat you, and you must be constantly anticipating those changes so you can be prepared to modify your own tactics. Failure to adapt to your enemy will get your people killed.

Feel free to post your answers in the comments and discuss.

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