Don’t suppose cries of ‘NO BLOOD FOR NATURAL GAS!’ has the same ring to it. -NCS
I will NOT send my son or daughter to fight in Ukraine!
WAR against Russia? My God, for what? To save the world for democracy?
What? For free and fair elections? Sure we can teach them all about that.
For a free and unbiased press? Sure, just like CNN, NYT and all the rest ad nauseum. Emphasis: ad nauseum. 
For treating all citizens fairly and justly? Sure. Burn the Fed Buildings in Portland go free, get a stipend, and move on to Minneapolis. Set foot in DC – SWAT and cancel at your front door!
Maybe it’s better  to save the world FROM democracy, at least as it’s practiced here.
If war it will be send in the new Rainbow Military to destroy the Russians and keep the world safe against climate change denial! From homophobia! From religion! But maybe that’s part of the plan: start a war and get rid of many more Dangerous Deplorables.
Perhaps it’s to keep the Biden/Romney investments safe; now that’s another reason to once again mobilize the Deplorables and send them off to die; but hey – at least we know that our veterans will be taken care of as heroes even as the new DHS and FBI raid their homes for Red Flag suspicions: after all, besides being loyal and traditionally patriotic, many have skills. Certain, special skills that apparently when coupled with a Molon Labe attitude severely frighten some people even in their safest of spaces.
But have no fear, we will prevail!  At least we know the Rainbow Navy will sink at least a few Russian ships as our Social Justice deck officers crash into them.; they already became proficient in this tactic in the Pacific.
I do NOT want fight the Russians, nor anyone else for that matter; I would rather we get our own country sorted out whatever form it eventually takes, and if that can’t happen, start the peaceable divorce proceedings.
However It’s gotten reflexive now, my attitude I mean. If the ruling elite want it, I DON”T. If they want to fight so much, let their protected antifa fight for them, or BLM, or any other street fighting group that having never met me and know nothing about me hate me all the more. And everyone who remotely looks like me, or even believes like me even if their appearance and origins are totally different from mine. Let THEM do it.
No doubt this is somehow a ‘follow the big money’ thing, but besides that, just maybe the Russians (along with  Eastern Europeans and the Boer) are so, so despised because they are the only groups who stand unabashedly unapologetic about being who they are.