The following is another review and AAR from a student of the first Fieldcraft Course. While technical skills are a part of the class, there are a great many more personal lessons encountered while conducting this sort of training that can’t really be taught, only experienced. The teams were put into challenging situations on many levels, some not so obvious at first, that helped to expose weak points for them to further attack and improve on. Exposing these failure points is the purpose of training, so they can be improved ahead of time and all the teams did a great job of taking the good with the bad and continuing mission.
FWIW: My thoughts – Loved it all!
Land Nav: Excellent exposure, sorry we screwed the pooch on night nav. I think we did not measure correctly before we left camp. We stopped way short of our point.
Shooting and target ID: Kept it interesting. I know you mentioned dropping it. I enjoyed it and that also is because I am a stinkin eastern flat lander with no place to shoot.
Knot tying: Essential!!! I couldn’t tell you how many articles and books i’ve gone over on knots and I don’t know knots. Doing is what matters.
Shelters: Goes right along with knots although much easier to figure once you have knots down.
Fire: Something about fire gives a person confidence when they can create one quickly. After the night nav, I felt we needed to do well on that.
It’s getting late.
I wanted to thank you also for addressing the issue I brought up about leading and following. I’m hoping that sank in. You covered it concisely. I feel like an old hen trying to get the young guys to understand.
Also, my thoughts on the flexibility you had in the class was that it made it more relaxing yet still kept us busy. Keep that. The class doesn’t have to have rigid guide lines. Match it to the clientele.