Demand has been high for the features, practicality and performance of the field proven D&L inc. MR-30 rifle to be scaled back in size and up in caliber for those who travel in dangerous game country. Input has been accepted from serious bushmen from Australia, Africa and Alaska for this project. The goal was for a .338 Lapua Magnum rifle to have at least a 5 round capacity, come in at less than 40” long and under 10 pounds in weight. The compact magnum MR-30 rifle surpasses all of these goals.
The CM MR-30 uses a premium controlled round feed action for maximum reliability. The barrels used are true match grade stainless steel or carbon fiber wrapped. Chambers are cut for reliability under field conditions, not bench rest tight chambers. The CM aluminum chassis stock has been specifically designed to enclose a 5 round AI .338 LM magazine. The magazine well is designed for both quick insertion and over insertion prevention. In the event that you fire with the underside of the magazine in contact with hard support, and operate the bolt action, you will not have any interference from the magazine pressing deeper into the firearm. The magazine is held in the optimum position for the smoothest feeding of cartridges from magazine to chamber.
The magazine release is designed to be snag free and ambidextrous. In addition, the stock features a selective magazine release lock which the operator can choose to activate in order to assure the magazine will not be lost out of the rifle during serious hunting and or hiking. The stock is also adjustable for cheek weld and length of pull, and features re-enforced sling hanger anchors to assure the anchors will not pull free when the rifle is slung under strenuous conditions. The stock features a recessed and protected level and compass. A white light option can be added for night encounters. Overall rifle color can be specified by the client. In addition, woodsmen wanting low reflectivity can specify a rough surface final finish. A rough surface finish is designed to be field practical, not a presentation firearm finish.
Precision MR-30PG rifles normally come with multi way adjustable buttplate assemblies with a thick rubber recoil pad. However, these rifles are commonly fired from supported prone positions when there is time to get into a proper shooting position. Compact bolt action rifles expected to be used in fast action situations, where quick shouldering is required, are best set up with a shorter than normal length of pull, and in some cases, no rubber butt pad at all. Rubbber buttpads can drag or stick during quick shouldering. Some shooters prefer a snag free aluminum butt plate, especially in cold weather conditions where thick clothes already offer padding from recoil and rubber drag needs to be avoided. Consider your own personal operational conditions carefully when making this decision.
The CM MR-30 uses the best in premium triggers, and the trigger pull weight can be set at a safe and reasonable setting for expected environment usage. The trigger safety lever location can be positioned at the rear tang of the action, or on the inside edge of the trigger guard. Both positions allow the safety lever to operate silently.
The CM MR-30 can be ordered as a ‘slick top’ for those who prefer to hunt with an optic and a back-up optic, or with iron sights, including a front sight designed by Dave Lauck specifically for CM application. The DLS front iron sight has already earned the nickname of the “No Worries” front sight. Front rifle sights are often sharp, frail and easily broken or knocked out of zero. The front sight designed for the CM is machined from steel, banded, clamped and cross pinned to become an integral part of the barrel. The ‘no worries’ front sight is designed for hard field use. You may dent and scratch it, but you will not alter the front sight’s position without bending the barrel! Protective ears are not required for this front sight, so you will not accidentally pick up a front protective ear in your sight picture during a snap shot. After the initial installation on the barrel, the front sight is machined into zero with the adjustable rear sight set in the middle of it’s adjustment range. This provides the client with the largest range of rear sight adjustability to allow zeroing with a wide range of ammunition. The front sight is then blended to the barrel to minimize sharp edges. The rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation with stout clicks. The inner rear sight is protected from damage by contoured protective side walls. The inner rear sight can be specified by the client and the rear sight positioned on the receiver accordingly. Some shooters prefer a ghost ring rear sight with the main rear sight body positioned all the way to the rear of the receiver. Some shooters prefer the rear sight body and ring aperture positioned at the midpoint on the receiver. Others prefer an open top notch rear sight positioned closer to the front sight for a notch and post sighting arrangement. In addition to iron sights, many modern shooters like red dot optics mounted in positions that allow the dot to co-witness with the iron sights. If the optic fails, you can shoot with the iron sights right through the optic. The design of the CM allows for this arrangement.
The CM MR-30 is an excellent choice for those traveling areas inhabited by large dangerous game. Compact MR-30 rifles are also available in lighter rifle weight and caliber for those who do not need .338LM ballistics. .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor are very popular chamberings for lighter compact MR-30 rifles.

Dave Lauck is the owner of D&L Sports, Inc., custom builder of several of the finest weapons found anywhere in the world and is recognized as the foremost expert on the 1911 platform. He has built custom 1911s for a long list of celebrities as well as President Donald Trump and was awarded “Pistolsmith of the Year” by American Pistolsmiths Guild in 2012. His AR-15 carbines have frequently been used among top-tier competitors and his sniper weapon system, the MR-30, was featured as the Black King Rifle in the TV Series Shooter.