Had a conversation a while back with an elderly Amish man. I said “brother, we worship the same God. I am constantly torn between my will to forcefully restore the values our forefathers sacrificed life itself for,  that we may have freedom to worship as we saw fit;

And Jesus instructions, which tell me soooo many times not to”.

He replied:

“brother, do not think we ALL do not struggle with this daily”.

That somehow gave me comfort in knowing we truly all struggle with this.

Another friend,  in a moment of frustration just like I was, had similar thoughts today. My basic reply:

You’re not alone.

I don’t know the thoughts of those in generations past. Only that when it was time to act, God gave clear guidance and instruction when they were to fight. And fight they did, without hesitation. Had our forefathers not fought for our freedom to worship as individuals,  we would still be under the authority and dictates of the crown. Imagine where we would be? And still under British rule.

Look how God rewarded our nation for acknowledging his authority. And setting up government under his guiding principles. And how corruptly those principles have been chipped away at over time, slowly and calculating, by evil.

It’s very easy to anger over.

Especially those of us old enough to see such a contrast between what we remember as just and right, and what now is.

But Jesus put the ear back on Malchus, that Peter lobbed off.  St.Jn 18-10

He many times told us “be of good cheer”.

He didn’t desire us to be burdened with grief.

He knows what is coming. “Vengeance is mine”.

Will he call the faithful to act somehow? Will it become clear if and when to act? I believe it will.

Judah, Deborah, Gabriel, and the list goes on, were told what to do to take their rightful lands. They always had devastating victories.

Our nation is nearing a boiling point. We clearly see evil all around us. We know the time is near.  St.Jn 13:12 Nearly everything we now see on TV has satanic values in some form. Even the truth tellers get you feeling angry, reporting the evil doers.

“But God” tells us to take comfort in him.

If the day “again” comes for us to fight, we will fight and win, and overcome.

Not of ‘our’ will for righteousness to prevail, but by his will.

Our Colonial forefathers were “ever vigilant”. They had huge powder and weapons  stores. They required thier men to practice and be ready for war “in a minutes notice”. They did not sit idly by and hope!

The Bible tells us we are to be sly as serpents,  yet blameless as doves.

So the short answer is pray, study the Word, prepare, and

“let not your heart be troubled”.

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