Freeze dried food needs no introduction. Its miles better than eating MREs, and, for the most part, tastes like real food once its fully reconstituted. Everybody’s got their favorites and and for me the go-to is the breakfast meals. Mountain House Breakfast Skillet and Biscuits n’ Gravy comes to mind at the top of the heap. I could eat those anytime and when I’m in the field its always a winner with a dash or two of some Tapatio.

But sometimes, sometimes you wanna branch out.

That lead me to trying Peak Refuel. They’re somewhat newcomers to the scene and its always a roll of the dice whether or not its fit to eat. I rolled the dice on Backpacker’s Pantry last fall and it was a major let down- it was damn near inedible. So I didn’t have the bar set too high when I picked up a couple of packets of Peak Refuel’s Biscuits n’ Gravy.

The first thing that I noticed was the serving size- its larger than Mountain House by a significant margin. You’re actually getting a full meal versus the reduced portions some are accusing Mountain House of packaging since the Covid panic. And maybe they are- who knows, but Peak is definitely giving you a lot for your money. The packages and serving sizes are definitely larger just from looking at the packet.

When I opened the packet I was actually surprised that there was two whole biscuits in there, along with the sausage and gravy powder. We’re off to a promising start here.

12 ounces of boiling water off the MSR and 15 minutes later, we’ve got this:

I gave it five more minutes (always give it more time to fully reconstitute- the more time, the better) and the gravy got thick. The biscuits were pretty soft too- not crunchy little cracker balls like you get with Mountain House. Not that those are bad, but this is better. A heck of a lot better.

This is the first time I’ve had a freeze dried meal that reminded me of anything other than a freeze dried meal. Seriously, the gravy reminded me of sawmill gravy that everybody’s grandma used to know how to make. It was that good, and the first time I didn’t find myself reaching for the hot sauce when eating a freeze dried meal that I can remember.

I don’t really care about the calorie content or any of that- its calories in, and that’s gonna roughly be the same regardless of brand- but this stuff actually tastes good and its a heck of a deal for the price. I picked up a lot more of these and its my new go-to for carrying to the field.

Not too shabby for tailgate living.

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