What ever you call it, bugout bag, SHTF, 3-day, 72 hour bag, many people really don’t understand the need to have a kit on hand in case they find themselves needing to get home in a bad situation,  or getting away from one either. I keep one in each vehicle. Some items will be better tailored for other areas or needs. I live in high plains desert. Where weight is very important, distances are vast and large areas unpopulated. Nights are dry, but cold. Generally a good time to travel in a dangerous scenario. Large cats and snakes are out but people will be dangerous too. Maps become less critical, as landmarks such as known mountains are easy reference points from vast distances. We have full sun here, and it can seriously dehydrate. If you’re goal is basically to get from A to B, comfort can become a secondary goal. This is what has evolved as practical, redundant (one is none, two is some) and efficient for me over the years of many modifications. More importantly, I have a full understanding of how to use what I have. If you buy items to tell yourself “I’m covered “ but do not train on how to use them, you’re fooling yourself. Many here have their own version and reasons for what’s in their 3-day bag. Their circumstances may be different. I always keep extra water bottles in each vehicle. But this is a solid kit to begin with for this region.

Subject: 3-day bugout bag
Inconspicuous, small nylon backpack (dark , heavy denier)
General contents
1- multi-tool (Gerber 400)
1- water 32oz bottle/MIL canteen
1- water filter (Sawyer mini or LifeStraw)
1- folding handsaw
1-magnesium Fire starter w/ striker (MAKE SURE IT IS MADE BY DOAN)
1- lighter (BIC)
50- feet of 550 (paracord) or 620 SurviverCord
1- mess kit (or kidney cup for GI canteen)
2- 2400 calorie emergency food bars (coast guard approved)
1- can opener (P-38)
1- compass w/lens (Suunto MC2 or MIL)
1- small tactical flashlight (batteries)
1- LED headband light w/red filter (batteries)
1- chemlight
6- zip ties (large)
1- reflector mirror/sewing kit (compact)
1- 5 inch Fixed blade knife
10- feet of snare wire
5- fishing hooks w/leaders and  lead shot
1- heavy pair socks (in Ziploc bag)
2- emergency heat packs
1- bandanna (or better yet shemaugh)
1- camo foil backed Mylar emergency bivy (SOL 70% reflective)
1- small monocular (Vortex Solo)
Last minute throw in’s if avail.
2- bottle water
1- Loaded Pistol
2-spare loaded magazines
1- Ham handheld radio (battery)
1- handheld night scope (batteries)
IFAK kit
2- #10  3/8 surgeon’s needle with cat gut in solution
1- Israeli  bandage (4″)
4- Butterfly wound closures (medium)
1- Derma bond (Super glue)
1- Duct Tape, 2″ x 5 Yards
2- Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 4″ x 4″, Pkg./2
1-Gloves, Nitrile (Pair)
10- Ibuprofen / antihistamine
1-small tube sunblock
5- individual Anesthetic/Antiseptic Wipes
1- Tourniquet (CAT type-1)
1- 5-1/2 inch bandage scissors
1- Tweezers
1- Forceps
1- Scalpel (med.)
1- Nasopharyngeal Airway, 28Fr
1-  Surgilube, 3gr
1- roll self adhering wrap (Coban)
1- Quikclot clotting sponge
Weight – about 10 pounds, without liquids or throw-in’s
“Light is Right”

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