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By Stan Szymanski

I personally have never consumed video content that is so dense that it must be rewound almost every 15 seconds to truly understand what the speaker is trying to convey to the listener. The video, ‘A manufactured illusion. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich 9/7/21 (that is July 9, 2021) is that video. In this broadcast, Dr. Martin shares publicly available information from the US Patent Office (Public PAIR) that demonstrates what big Pharma knew, when they knew it and the case for RICO.

David E. Martin, Ph.D. is Founder, CEO and Chairman of M•CAM International whose business is to monitor the innovation that is happening around the world and specifically to monitor the economics of that innovation the degree to which financial interests are being served, and corporate interests are being dislocated; M•CAM’s business is innovation and its finance. Since 1998 M•CAM is the largest underwriter of intangible assets used in finance in 168 countries. M•CAM‘s underwriting systems include the corpus of all patents, patent applications, grants, procurement records and e-govt records. M•CAM can track what is happening, who is involved in what is happening and monitor a series of thematic interests for a variety of interests and individuals as well as for M•CAM‘s own commercial use. M•CAM maintains 3 global equity indices including the top performing Large Cap and Mid Cap indexes worldwide. Dr. Martin is -well- qualified to speak on the verifiable public history of patents as it pertains to SARS CoV-2, their supposed therapeutic interventions and the timing of when they had their genesis.

The main thing I am trying to do is to get you to watch the video (at the above link) -before- the evil powers that be remove it. I only saw this video because a very good friend sent it to me. It is not showing up in any of the US alt media that I have seen. Since they are using a bit of German I can only assume that the video is getting attention in Europe.

To help propagate your interest, please take a look at just a few of the -many- points of illumination that Dr. Martin highlights:

• M•CAM looked into the gene sequence which had been reported as a ‘novel’ coronavirus and reviewed these against the patent records that were available as of spring 2020. Over 120 potential pieces of evidence to suggest that the declaration of a novel coronavirus was -entirely false-. There was -no- novel coronavirus. There are countless, very subtle modifications of sequences that have been uploaded. There was -no- novel coronavirus at all. M•CAM found reports on the patent records of sequences attributed to novelty going back to patents that were sought as early as 1999.

• The first potential ‘vaccine’ for coronavirus was sought by Pfizer January 28, 2000 (US patent 6372224) for the ‘S’-spike protein-the same that they have allegedly rushed into during the ‘pandemic’. This is not new technology. This is something that big pharma has known about and worked with for -20- years…(but the media portrayed as new or ‘novel’)

• Faucci/NAIAD found that the malleability of coronavirus to be a potential candidate for HIV vaccine. SARS is -not- a zoonotic (a disease which can be transmitted to humans from animals) modification of Coronavirus. In 1999 Faucci funded research at UNC Chappell Hill specifically to create what the NAIAD calls ‘an infectious replication defective coronavirus’. This was specifically targeted for human lung epithelium. IN OTHER WORDS, WE (USA) MADE SARS!!! Patent number 7279327 4/19/02. The patent lays out in specific gene sequencing the fact that we knew the ACE receptor, the ACE2 binding domain, the S1 ‘spike’ protein and other elements that we have come to know as this scourge pathogen was not only engineered but could be synthetically modified in the laboratory using nothing more than gene sequencing technology-taking computer code and turning it into a pathogen or an intermediate of the pathogen. And that technology was funded exclusively in the early days as a means by which we could actually harness coronavirus as a vector to distribute the HIV ‘vaccine’.

• The US Patent office found 99.9% of the coronavirus sequence in the public domain. After paying an appeal ‘fine’ in 2006/2007 the CDC overrode the Patent Office rejection of their patent and ultimately got the patent on SARS Coronavirus.

• The CDC says that what they do is in the public interest-that is false as proved by the fact of the alleged ‘bribe’ payed to the US Patent Office in the form of the appeal fine-NOT SUBTLE-The CDC paid an additional fee to keep the application -private-… if the CDC was working in the public interest it would not pay a fee to keep this information -private-. All of this information is available for public examination at the ‘Public PAIR’ portion of the USPTO website.

• FACT CHECKERS (alleged) have said that SARS CoV-2 is unique and separate from the CDC patent. The core designation in the gene sequence (CDC patent 2003/2005/2006) states that the CDC gene sequence is a sub-clade of ICTV Taxonomy Clade of SARS CoV-2. In other words, it is a descendant on the same phylogenetic tree.

• On 4/28/2003 Sequoia Pharmaceuticals filed patents regarding anti-viral agents for treatment of and control of infection of Coronavirus …. This was only three -days- after the CDC files a patent for the actual virus…and Sequoia files a patent to treat this virus just 3 days later? Incredulous. Furthermore, how could Sequoia have known about the virus when the CDC paid to keep it private?

• According to Dr. Martin, this is the definition of criminal conspiracy, racketeering and collusion – this is evidence-RICO!

Ladies and gentlemen I have used as much of Dr. Martin’s words as I could to convey what he states in the video so that you would actually click on the link to the video (above) to hear from the source the facts for yourself. What you have read above is only the tip of the iceberg of the information he shares in the video-please WATCH THE VIDEO. Please -share- this article and the video. May God mete out judgement against those who conspired against the citizens of the USA and the world. May God have mercy on His people.

Stan Szymanski (or Encouraging Angels) is not a medical doctor. This is not medical advice. In all matters pertaining to the health and care of a human being consult a medical doctor. This is not legal, financial or personal advice. Consult appropriate professionals in those fields for that type of advice.

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