This excerpt comes from Chapters 16 and 36 of Jack Lawson’ two volume masterpiece, “Civil Defense Manual”. You can grab a copy of his book here. Jack is a strong supporter of American Partisan, and even had NC Scout write the chapter on Radio Communications (Chapter 17 in Volume I). I bought my copy the day it become available and I highly recommend you do as well.

How to get rid of Body Lice
Washing both clothes and body. Wash the affected body area with hot soap and water and wash all clothing and bedding with hot soap and water and then mop and clean all living areas. Dry clothes in as high a heat as you can.
Essential Oils. Treat the skin and clothing with essential oils… rosemary, citronella, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, lemon grass, lavender oil, neem oil (from an Asian-Indian evergreen tree), clove oil, aniseed oil, cinnamon leaf oil, red thyme oil. All of these oils have a smell that drives lice away or kills them.
How to get rid of Head and Pubic Lice without chemicals
Smother head and pubic lice. ‘Suffocating’ treatments. First coat the hair with olive, almond or like non-skin irritating oils, fats or greases. Some people suggest coating the comb with oil as needed instead of the hair with the oil.
For head lice try wet-combing. Washing the hair alone does not remove lice. Use the traditional wet-combing process. This is a way of removing lice from the hair with a fine-toothed comb and it makes the lice more visible where you can distinguish it from dandruff. If you don’t have olive oil, it’s one of the few ways to get rid of head lice.
Wet-combing involves using a fine-toothed comb and a magnifying glass to examine each small area of hair and remove the individual lice and nits from each strand. Separate the hair into small sections as you work using a hair clip to move them out of the way. Do this with a head band light or other good light so you can see the lice. Rinse out the comb often under running hot water.
Wash, rinse, wash again and rinse again. Once you’ve completely combed the hair, wash the person’s hair with soap, rinse it and repeat with washing again. This is a pain in the butt, but do this every day for a week… then check by combing every night for a couple of weeks to make sure the lice are gone.
Again, Essential Oils. Treat the lice with essential oils rosemary, citronella, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, lemon grass, lavender oil, neem oil (from an Asian-Indian evergreen tree), clove oil, aniseed oil, cinnamon leaf oil, red thyme oil. All of these oils have a smell that drives lice away or kills them.
How to get rid of lice with Chemical Treatment using “Rid Pediculicide”
Generic name: piperonyl butoxide (pronounced “pye PER oh nil bue TOX ide”) and pyrethrin topical (pronounced “pye REE thrin TOP i kal”)
Brand names: A-200 Lice Treatment, Good Sense Lice Killing Shampoo, Step 1, Leader Lice Solution, Pronto Lice Kill System, R & C Lice Treatment Kit, Rid Pediculicide, Tegrin-LT Lice Treatment Kit, Triple X Pediculicide
When you’re done exterminating lice
Wash all towels, materials you used, clean the area you worked in and clean out the lice comb. Soak the comb in a mild bleach solution or vinegar for 30 minutes, or boil it in water for 10 minutes.

You’ll experience lice during a Collapse Of Society
When a Collapse Of Society occurs or even a Prolonged Crisis, you can be certain that lice will reappear as an unwelcome guest of your CDM Neighborhood Protection Plan™ Group Members and other people everywhere.
What is a Catastrophic Event?
Most of us in the world live, more or less, in Normal Civility where we’re not killing each other for food and water. After a Catastrophic Event, an Area Emergency will occur. The term Area Emergency refers to the interruption of normal day to day living, or Normal Civility, that society will experience after a Catastrophic Event. If not corrected, this Area Emergency can progress to a worsening state, that of a Crisis. A Crisis can deteriorate into a more damaging and worse state… that of a Prolonged Crisis.
A Catastrophic Event is a disaster that could lead to A Collapse Of Society. I referred to this in an earlier book as ‘A Failure of Civility,’ which was the title of that book. But that term just doesn’t fit all the aspects and doesn’t fully convey, nor encompass, the reality and all facets of what would happen as A Collapse Of Society does in this book.
A Catastrophic Event or Extraordinary Catastrophic Event that would turn into A Collapse Of Society would be a total lack of concern for others and it would be everyone for themselves. Life would, to a large extent, become survival by brutality and use of force… survival by force of weapons. Much worse than what you just read.
A Prolonged Crisis is the stage which will precede A Collapse Of Society if Critical Life Supplies and Services are exhausted and not resupplied. Civil order will not be able to be maintained without those two items of Critical Life Supplies and Services being available to all people… water and food.
An Extraordinary Catastrophic Event is the most severe of disasters. Your world will plunge inevitably into A Collapse Of Society from an Extraordinary Catastrophic Event, with little time for progression through stages and it will progress to cause extreme suffering and death.
An Extraordinary Catastrophic Event is the most severe of a Catastrophic Events. With an Extraordinary Catastrophic Event… the normal stages of progression from Normal Civility to A Collapse Of Society would not take place. If an Extraordinary Catastrophic Event occurs… your existence would go directly from Normal Civility to A Collapse Of Society inevitably and in some cases very quickly. Not over stages of time but immediately or accelerated.
If people will fight over the latest fad toy for their children at Christmas time, turn into a violent mob over the newest footwears’ first release, stab one another over who was first in line for a trendy chicken sandwich… it takes little imagination as to what they’ll do when there is a shortage of food and water.
I don’t have to imagine, because I’ve seen the beast in the human many times. Most people haven’t, so they have little to go by. Civilization is a very thin veneer on mankind and most people can’t visualize the desperation people will have. Man is a beast, who wears shoes and clothes… and pretends otherwise. Read “Sapiens… A Brief History of Humankind,” by Yuval Noah Harari.
So rioting, starvation and destruction can’t happen in America!?
A partial quote from Mike Shelby that I get through my subscription to
InFocus: What happens when the rules collapse?
“Last week, a poll from George Washington University found that 55% of Republicans agreed that the use of force may be required to protect the “traditional American way of life.” Overall, roughly a third of respondents said that they agreed or strongly agreed with the statement. On another question, 47% of Republicans agreed that a “time will come when patriotic Americans have to take the law into their own hands.” Republicans also reported less trust in state election officials than Democrats, 44% to 76%, respectively. Some 41% of all respondents said that they are “not too confident” or “not at all confident” in the 2022 elections. As with all polling data, I express some level of skepticism, although I do agree that these results are generally true, if not accurate.”
Again, I encourage Americans to store food and water and to organize neighbors for self-protection as I’ve outlined in the Civil Defense Manual at I do this for a reason… like what has happened in South Africa recently.
I also urge Americans to move from the major populated metropolitan areas into a more firearms and common-sense area of less people per square mile.