Well… one of our resident geniuses on, figured it out and already did all the hard work for you.

Including how much room it takes up during storage.

Below is a link to the order sheet. Also a shopping/menu list as well.

Considering I know spend around $100 every week or so at the grocery store, this is a steal.
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We even have a section for drink recipes.

You will need a email account or a email account to register for the forum. So you get squared away with an email account that isn’t completely compromised at the same time.

I prefer tutanota because two of my proton mail accounts are dysfunctional.
Why? I don’t know. But for $1 a month the tutanota account is a steal.
Storage is estimated below.

These come in boxes of 6 count #10 cans. Each box is 19″ x 13″ x 8″ tall. So for the 20 cases on the list you’ll be looking at two stacks side by side of a little over 2′ wide, 1.5′ deep, and 6.5′ tall.
Not bad. Especially considering these are stored in vermin proof metal tins. And, assuming this is stored in a cool dry area, should last at least 10 years minimum. If not double that.

Our friend on the forum, whose name I am going to omit for the purposes of anonymity,  went ahead and took a screen shot of the spreadsheet he was using to calc food numbers for his LDS food order. He thought it might be helpful to you guys and we agreed it would make a great post. He has, as you can see in the PDF above (Which you should take a screenshot of now) a total of two columns.

Counting for calories, one for 1600 calories and one for 1500 calories, which takes the total weight of the food being ordered and multiplies it times either 1600 or 1500 calories. He did that because the exact amount of calories per pound for these items runs somewhere in between, so it gives a range without having to go into the nitty gritty, for example we can say with confidence that this order based on weight ends up being around 2540 to 2720 kcal per day for a year.

Not bad for the estimated cost of $1.56 per day.
Here is a list of pickup locations, many have food in stock

Remember, you will burn considerably more calories digging fighting positions and working your garden. You will need extra calories to help you get through the hard times.

Our friend also balanced the order so you don’t have too much protein, too little fiber, and not enough carbs to have energy for the back breaking labor.

While this may not suit all of us and our needs, consider adjusting the order. I know that I don’t need any more wheat or rice. So I will consider double or tripling on the fruit, peanut butter, and other items available for purchase.

Considering buying another Glock or AR/AK? Maybe you should get your food preps squared away first. I am going to skip the AR/AK purchase and stock up on some food. Why? Because food is historically, and ultimately, the primary weapon of Marxists.

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