I have been running under the radar this year and occasionally watching alternative media since the mainstream media is corrupt. I just read where Biden is mandating the US Armed Forces to receive the COVID “vaccine”. This slice of the American population is collectively the most fit and healthy and I see no rush to force them to receive an experimental gene therapy. I’m not a scientist but I have read both sides of the debate.

Giving the COVID vaccine to the US Armed Forces, and having a large number become non-deployable, reminds me of a story in the Torah; Genesis 34:1-31, to be exact. The summary of the story is where Jacob’s daughter is defiled by Shechem. Her father and his sons find out about Shechem raping Dinah. The sons of Jacob plot a scheme to require all of the males to be circumcised if Shechem wants to marry Dinah. Hamor and Shechem agree and all of the males in the country get circumcised. Three days later, “when they were all sore”, Simeon and Levi killed every male with the sword, including Hamor and Shechem, because they defiled their sister. After that, they rescued Dinah then took all of their wealth, flocks, herds and their donkeys including their children and wives as captive.

I find a lot of things this administration doing as suspect. If a larger power is pulling the strings of this puppet called Biden, I would say that this mass vaccine campaign to our armed forces is treading on very thin ice.

Holy Serf