Are you ready when the lights go out?

If you like electricity, you need to read this article.

Chinese Backdoor Threatens Next Texas Blackout

The CCP no longer needs to hack through the internet to disrupt our power supply, because they built themselves a hidden switch to control critical equipment.

“At least two transformers from JSHP have already been discovered to contain hardware backdoors that could enable Chinese agents to maliciously remote-access and manipulate them.”

“They found hardware that was put into them that had the ability for somebody in China to switch it off,” said Latham Saddler, the former director of intelligence programs at the National Security Council in the last administration.

In Texas, people are still feeling the sting from the February 2020 winter storm, the one where most of Texas was without power. Local decision makers are realizing the depth of their dependency upon the power grid…and the reality that it is fragile.

In light of the information about the hardware backdoor built into critical transformers, (whether its new information or just additional confirmation), each Partisan should evaluate how much you like electricity and decide if you are going to develop a mitigation strategy.

Below are a few things that I’ve done while building both personal and corporate “black-out” plans. I hope you find them helpful for creating your own in-depth strategy for dealing with the dark times ahead.

  1. Itemize. List all the items that utilize electricity. Every single item.
  2. Categorize. Separate items into two categories; what is necessary and what is convenient.
  3. Prioritize. Sort through the itemized list, ranking them in order of importance.
  4. Monetize. Determine how much money, resources, and time you are willing to invest into mitigation equipment and strategies.

Sure, someone could just rush out and buy a gas generator or order a Jackery, but that’s not the point. Those are great resources, and they are both part of my plan. However, without training and planning, equipment alone isn’t enough. You need something that involves comprehensive training, instructions for equipment maintenance and simple to follow procedures.

This is going to take a lot of work, but it’s worth it.


Jessie Blaine is a former Marine living in refuge somewhere in the Lone Star state.  He is in a perpetual state of learning, which is the second-best state to be in, with the Lone Star state being the first. He is also a Brushbeater student and a proud member of the Mossy Oak Militia.

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