Job Sites Listing Open Jobs w/ No Vax Mandates

Amish Covid: ‘No hospitalization, isolation or vaccines = herd immunity’:

Vaccine pioneer says ‘rules don’t apply’ to unaccountable, ‘corrupt’ Fauci, FDA (MUST WATCH):

“This Is War”: An Interview with Pierre Kory (MUST WATCH):

Alex Berenson (former NY Times science writer) on Joe Rogan #1717 (MUST WATCH / LISTEN – 70% of covid deaths in UK are vaxxed): or


Ivermectin + Alternative Treament Updates

Joe Rogan Crushes CNN Over Ivermectin ‘Horse Paste’ Propaganda, Gets Gupta To Concede They Lied:

Why was this paper on ivermectin retracted?  (MUST READ):

Ivermectin: Horse dewormer or lifesaving intervention for COVID-19, with Pierre Kory, MD:

Custom Officials Seize Small Packages of Lifesaving Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine in Chicago While Record Amounts of Fentanyl Continue to Flow Across Southern Border:

60+ Ivermectin Lawsuits as Courts Become Battlefield: Hospital Administrations Against Patients:

AMAZING: COVID-19 Cases in Indonesia Plummet After Government Authorizes IVERMECTIN For Treatment:

Home ivermectin based kits in India:


On Vaccines and Side Effects

It gets worse – A comparison of official Government reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome much faster than anticipated (H/T to friend, vaxxed getting AIDS):

Want To Get Covid Many Times? (MUST READ – Denninger on the lack of ‘N’ antibodies in vaxxed people):

are leaky vaccines driving delta variant evolution and making it more deadly?  (MUST READ – Raises the possibility that what is happening now is similar to what happened with Marek’s disease in chickens – widespread vaccination drove new, deadlier strains that infected non-vaxxed too):

the vaccinated superspread hypothesis (H/T to friend):

Horowitz: The data is in, and we are now worse off than before the experimental shots (MUST READ):

Academic Study: ‘Mild COVID-19 Induces Lasting Antibody Protection’ in Bone Marrow for Natural Immunity Support:


On Tyranny and Fraud

How Gates, Fauci, and Schwab manufactured the Covid-19 Crisis to usher in a New World Order that will “Build Back Better”:

WTF!? Biden’s USAID Launches $125 Million Project To Find 12,000 New Viruses

COVID-19: The Weaponization Of Fear & The Loss Of Freedom:

From ’15 Days To Slow The Spread’ To Dragging Thousands From Their Jobs Over Vaccine Mandates:

National security laws may suggest that COVID-19 is a falsified pandemic ‘exercise’:

It All Makes Sense Once You Realize They Want to Kill Us:


The Unvaccinated Are Looking Smarter Every Week:

A Patent Issued for The Purpose of Contact Tracing All Vaccinated Humans Worldwide (H/T to friend):

Mainstream Media Finally Accepts That COVID Lab Leak Is Most Likely Theory:

Dr. Peter McCullough, other top doctors sue FDA for Pfizer vaccine data: