COVID-19: Points to Ponder from a Pathologist’s Perspective – Ryan Cole, MD (MUST WATCH – Goes into the serious pathological damage that the vaxxes cause):

Note:  For those who do get the vaxx, Dr. Cole suggests getting the following blood tests before and after, which will document the damage (then you might be able to have your doctor write a medical exemption for you for subsequent shots, or even possibly sue your employer if you only got it because they mandated it):

  • D-dimer (blood clots)
  • Sedimentation Rate (inflammation)
  • C Reactive protein HS (inflammation)
  • Troponin (heart damage)
  • CBC (complete blood count)
  • CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel, organ damage)

Last week I already posted a couple of these, along with a couple of extras — here they are again:


Ivermectin + Alternative Treament Updates

Major law firm confirms FDA deceived America with its ‘approval’ of Pfizer vax | Principia Scientific Intl:

“Immunity As A Service” – The Snake-Oil Salesmen & The COVID-Zero Con (MUST READ):

Report, 100 to 200 Congressional Reps and Staff Were Treated with Ivermectin Protocol From Front Line COVID Critical Care Doctors:


Excerpt:  FACT: Between 100-200 members of Congress and their families & staffers have been treated with IVM & our I-MASK+ protocol for COVID. NO hospitalizations. Not one of them reported that to the people. Saved themselves & stayed silent as IVM was torched.

If This Is True…. (Karl Denninger about the Congressional hypocrisy over Ivermectin):

NIH Lists Ivermectin as Targeted Antiviral of Interest for COVID-19:

Emergency doctor says authorities are ‘standing in the way of life-saving medications’:

Ivermectin – Truth & Totalitarianism:

The Research Is Clear: Ivermectin Is a Safe, Effective Treatment for COVID, so Why Isn’t It Being Used?

Vaccines, Ivermectin and the Physicians’ Rome Declaration:


On Vaccines and Side Effects

Veritas Records Pfizer Scientists: “Your Antibodies Probably Better Than Vax” After Infection (MUST WATCH – Project Veritas):

Whistleblower Goes On Record, Reveals Internal Emails from Chief Scientific Officer & Senior Director of Worldwide Research Discussing COVID Vaccine … ‘We Want to Avoid Having the Information on the Fetal Cells Floating Out There’ (MUST WATCH – Project Veritas):

Natural Immunity: an Alternative to Vaccines?

All you need to know about vaccine failure – not in Israel, in the US – in one incredible chart (Rate of covid is worse for the vaxxed than the unvaxxed!!!):

Studies confirm waning immunity from Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine:

76% of September Covid-19 deaths are vax breakthroughs (Vermont):

COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations Plummet in Southern US, Rise in Northern States:

Reports of Serious Injuries After COVID Vaccines Near 112,000, as Pfizer Asks FDA to Green Light Shots for Kids 5 to 11 (Latest VAERS numbers):

Doctor on COVID Vax: “We Screwed-Up. We Didn’t Realize the Spike Protein Is a Toxin” Does This Mean Everyone Vaxinated Is Manufacturing Their Own Spike Protein Toxins in Their Own Bodies?

The Killer in the Bloodstream: the “Spike Protein”:

A Silent and Dutiful Massacre:

Waning Immune Humoral Response to BNT162b2 Covid-19 Vaccine over 6 Months (New paper in NEJM):

60% of senior citizens hospitalized with COVID were ‘fully vaccinated’: Medicare report:

‘Not Supposed To Happen’: US State With Highest Vaxx Rate Sees Record Surge In COVID Cases:


On Tyranny and Fraud

Taibbi: The Cult Of The Vaccine (MUST WATCH / READ):

Letter To A Covidian: A Time-Travel Experiment:

Dr Malone Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize For What He’s Revealed On Vaccines:

The illegality of mandated COVID-19 vaccinations (MUST READ – Judge Andrew Napolitano):

A Message To Fauci: You Are In No Position To Dictate The “Greater Good”:

Doctor Says Physicians Are Being “Hunted” For Speaking Out by Press & Medical Boards:

Inventor of mRNA banned by the New England Journal of Medicine (H/T to friend):

FDA never really approved Pfizer COVID vaccine, Sen. Ron Johnson tells Tucker Carlson:

If You’re Consenting to Coercion, You’re the Problem:

We Got Access to 700+ COVID-19 Death Certificates. Here’s What We found (Non-covid deaths fraudulently classified as covid):

The Emerging Totalitarian Dystopia: An Interview With Professor Mattias Desmet:

‘Intimidate and overwhelm’: The global predators behind the COVID ‘reign of terror’:

It’s Time for Civil Disobedience: Here Is How We Stop Biden Vaccine Mandates:

The Deep Politics Of Vaccine Mandates:

It’s Coming Apart…. NOW (Denninger on the collapsing narrative):

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