I have been gone from the political and preparedness writing scene for some time now. It’s not meant to permanent but it was not meant to be this long. Over the past year and a half, I’ve been pursuing my advanced degrees in nursing toward an eventual ARNP career. Not the easiest thing to do while working overtime in the emergency room during these random Covid surges. My wife got sick and ended up with rapid onset, severe Covid pneumonia, nearly experiencing the cytokine storm that many never recover from. She ended up in the hospital receiving antiviral medications. Being the strong warrior she is, she determined herself into such a quick a recovery I haven’t seen from any other patients I’ve had in her condition.

My uncle fell ill at the same time she did and ended up with pneumonia as well. Unfortunately he did not recover and passed away at age 52. I am angry. Our family has learned a hard lesson that I wish we could have learned without his passing. Think of all of the people you spent the most time with. Now think of the people that you just spend occasional time with, and you are fine with just that occasional time you see them. Maybe once or twice a year. Now imagine they are gone suddenly. Are you still happy with just seeing them on those occasions?

Everyone in my family has had Covid except for me. My wife and kids, my parents, sisters and their husbands, my 90 year old grandmother, my uncles and aunts. None of us were vaccinated. That is our choice. If you get the vaccine, that is your choice. We all have a choice and should never have that choice removed from us. If they can force you to take a shot, they can force you to do anything.

You’re going to have to examine your own risk profile related to getting Covid. How do you think you would handle it? Then examine your risk profile related to the vaccines that are available. Have you reacted poorly to any vaccines before? We don’t yet understand the long term effects of these new technology vaccines. They don’t prevent the spread of the disease. I am confident enough to say, based on my healthcare company and what I have seen in all three of our hospitals… The current vaccines do significantly reduce the likelihood of Covid progressing into a severe illness and resulting in hospitalization and death. They do not prevent transmission. They do not stop you from getting the virus. They do have some risks. Don’t let anyone tell you they don’t. They also do have some benefits. Don’t let anyone tell you they don’t.

Keep your eyes on the NovaVax vaccine. It’s a traditional vaccine technology that is having very promising results around the world. Not mRNA. Minimal reactions (some studies showed zero), excellent effectiveness at preventing severe illnesses (some studies showed 100%), minimizing hospitalizations and deaths. Who’d have thought that an old tried and true vaccine technology would actually work? Who’da thunk?

Had a reader from my personal blog contact me and ask if I was dead. No, I am not dead. Just have been inundated with work, school, sick family members, Jiu-Jitsu training, plumbing problems, electrical problems and other home owner problems, and traveling.

I’ve also been dealing with retooling my political stances. Or rather, re-identifying what those stances are. I hold the same beliefs when it comes to politics, natural rights, the role of government (if there is one at all), etc. I know full well that the American right wing essentially does not exist in any effective form. The American left wing essentially is just the North American extension of the Chinese Communist Party. The American military is the global mercenary force for hire, found everywhere on the planet except on our actual borders. The American police are largely just a national corrections organization aimed at keeping the people safely contained in our psychological prison cells. The American people are a centrally located global consumer pool for Chinese-made garbage and state-sponsored media propaganda.

The election was stolen in front of our faces and they laughed in our faces while we did it because they knew we wouldn’t lift a finger or pull a trigger. And now the greater American right wing is focused on which Republican is going to run for 2024. That is their solution. Voting for the next political celebrity.

So I’m out.

I used to wonder what “our side” was called. Who we were. Were we right wing? Conservative? Nationalist? Libertarian? Classically liberal, in the way of Jefferson? Now I know the answer. There is no “we”.

What can a person who thinks like us do to make a difference? Is there anything? Yuri Bezmenov stated correctly that it takes about 20 years to start changing a nation. That is how long it takes to educate (indoctrinate) one generation. The boomer generation, despite what they want to hear, was probably the first to be indoctrinated into the paradigm that has turned American into a globalist toolbox. If not, it was the Gen-Xers. But it was probably the boomers because we have evidence going back to the time of their education showing extensive communist infiltration. It was dressed up like red, white and blue patriotism. Either way, in order to educate an entire generation, you need at least partial control and access in a significant portion of the national education system. Our side, whatever you want to call it, has none.

We need 20 years to re-educate a generation of people to turn their backs on communism, but sitting in our current position, we don’t have the tools or ability to begin doing that for any American child living today. The 20 years it will take hasn’t begun yet and there is no evidence I can find to show that it will begin anytime soon.

These are dire times and for some reason I can not help but feel the war is lost and all we have left to do is sit in our homes and wait for it to… I don’t know. Wait for it to do whatever it does.

Our side has not yet begun to fight. John Paul Jones also once said “I have not yet begun to fight.”

It meant something vastly different when he said it.