I picked up a new 10.5 inch AR Pistol as my new around town “just need to get home” gun. I don’t need to reach out and touch anyone at distance, I just need something more substantial than a pistol if anything pops off and I have to get home from running errands in town.

Ever since I got it the question always was “how do I ‘conceal’ this thing in my car?” I don’t just want a long gun hanging out in the back seat attracting any undue attention. And I wanted a way to keep everything that would go with it organized.

In comes the Bulldog Cases “Ultra Compact” AR 15 Discreet Carry Case. What a mouth full. It fit the bill perfectly. It holds the rifle, plus two extra full-size mags, a chest rig (UW Gear of course), and a belt-mounted IFAK. One of the main reasons I picked this case was that it doesn’t scream “gun” like so many of the other soft gun cases do, especially with the external mag pouches and velcro fields for pouches. I don’t want any of that for my “low profile” setup. I want something that looks like it could hold anything.

10.5 inch PSA pistol with Primary Arms 1x Prism.

The other side of the case with the UW Gear Low Profile chest rig and the LBT belt-mounted IFAK. I’ll be doing a follow on post about this.

This setup fits pretty well in almost any vehicle and doesn’t take up too much space. The other big plus I like about this is that everything is all together in one case. I don’t have to go digging for all of this if I need to boogie. For the price point, which is around $50 depending on where you go to get it, you really can’t beat it. What setup do you have for keeping your go-to rig set up and together?

Have you gotten training to put holes in others?

What about patching those holes in yourself and others?

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