In my post on my Low Profile “in case of emergency, break glass” set up, I briefly showed my new medical pouch set up.

If you’ve seen me in class you know I keep my ankle kit on my person at all times. It’s become second nature to always have it on. But it’s not a full-on trauma kit. I can’t carry a full IFAK inside of it. But it sure beats taking my socks off to pack wounds with.

If I’m expecting gunshots in either direction I want a serious medkit. Because the enemy always gets a say in our plans. This is where my new low profile set up steps nicely in.

The main pouch is a “Med Kit Blowout Pouch” by London Bridge Trading and I have added a Blue Force Gear Tourniquet Hanger to the Pals straps on the back. That way everything is all there in one place and the TQ is still outside of the IFAK pouch for quick access. The whole pouch fits the contents of one of my IFAK’s perfectly.

The whole pouch stays tucked up close to my belt line with minimal flop. I like this because it can stay “hidden” under a sweatshirt or flannel for when I need to carry more stuff without looking out of place. Which fits perfectly with the rest of the gear in my Low profile grab bag.

This is by no means the only way out there to carry medical gear. Just another way that may fit your situation.

Come learn how to use this gear. I’ve got a class this month in NC.