This is a test……At the very least consider that all of our shortages and extreme price increases have seemingly come along one at a time;

pork, dairy, beef, lumber, micro-chips (new trucks), fuel, shipping, natural gas, propane, cyber probing.

We know our unduly elected president is a puppet. His associate appears even too incoherent to work the cabal’s vision. She’s being kept out of sight.

20 billion dollars of border fence is laying in yards with cancelled contracts. A major influx of migrants is not only ignored, but cultured and enhanced. Tying border patrols hands behind their backs.

The train of cargo ships off the coast of California waiting to unload all of the precious Chinese products we can’t do without, because we manufacture next to nothing here.

This seems much like slowly moving pawns around a chessboard setting up an opponent for checkmate.

We all feel the temperature of the pot’s water coming to a boil. Sure, we have tried to plan. How many guns, ammo, food, water, contingency plans are enough? What’s coming next that we haven’t thought of? Or cannot afford now?

The powers against us constantly compile written thoughts, comments (like this) and data to make decisions on the next points of pressure.

I predict this will continue to ramp up and become a snowball effect within months. What then, civil war? Chaos in the streets? Foreign invasion?

Many people out there are trying to read the tea leaves. I won’t pretend to know what’s next. But I’ll guess reading this has probably heightened your anxiety.

Jesus disciples hearts hardened to the miracles He performed (feeding of the multitudes). Their returns (baskets of bread and fish) diminished the second time. Why?

St. Mark 8-16:21

If we truly believe in His teachings, we know He forecasts these days of sorrows. And over and over and over He tells us to “be of good cheer”.

He wants our growth in faith to be unshakable. “Fear not”. Accept the truth that darkness is all around us. But steadfastly determine to be the light that darkness hates. With our hearts, minds and eyes eagerly and happily seeking His return. We’ll do what we can in the time left us. It’s our human side. But He’s got this.

Praise Him with joy. Encourage each other.

So you see, this was a test. Will you pass?