Back when I recorded the Radio Contra Episodes on building clandestine communications devices and why you should avoid cell phones like the plague if you’re concerned with doing things outside the purview of state sanction, I received a mountain of feedback from know-betters who obviously have more experience on the F3EA end of targeting than I. Nah, no way, doing what I described was inconvenient, impractical and couldn’t be comprehended, so therefore its obviously wrong. Being facetious here, but then again, I didn’t get to where I got by being an idiot.

As now being exposed, 6 JAN in DC was a giant intelligence sweep, both knowingly and unknowingly. People are angry, very angry, both then and now and deservedly so. The world seems to be spinning out of control because indeed it is. But ‘protests’ are a fruitless endeavor and designed to entrap the people conducting them. The people encouraging you to attend them versus more meaningful endeavors are every bit as complicit, especially the ones encouraging you to hang out on honeypot social media sites. And before anyone says ‘but the left does it’ I’ll remind you – they’re allowed to exist through a complicit bureaucracy that you don’t have. They’re also on average two decades younger and have much less to lose. There is a right way and a wrong way to fight; what’s detailed below is, at least in my estimation, spot on in terms of how targeted individuals were actively tracked based on comparing knowns and unknowns through phone data alone. You may not like it, but the facts care not for your feelings.

Now, this guy is obviously on the other side of the fence, meaning he has no reason to hold back on how they conducted this operation. He’s cheering it on and bragging about how it was done – a testament to the great halls of state justice that holds political prisoners and conducts mass medical experiments in violation of basic human rights. Such a thing means nothing to these people. But through that hubris we glean much. He’s detailing what I’ve been telling the world for a long while now. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do this.

As this thing continues to metastasize into whatever it will become, the very same Power Elite who are struggling to maintain their grasp on control will resort to increasingly severe levels of intrusion into your daily patterns of life. Its a promise. If you’re not paying attention but simultaneously bitching about it, or worse, thinking that attending a ‘protest’ or hanging out on social media with people that tell you what you want to hear is somehow going to fix it all, you really are up shit creek.

Then again, training and organization at the local most level, an apparent foreign concept in suburban America, is the answer. There’s a reason Labor Union Chapters are called Locals. Its worked over and over.