Lineage OS Installation Instructions by Phone Models: (Do not download from official LOS repo) (Remember to click the Installation link for instructions)

Lineage OS + microG Branch Download by Phone Models: (Pick your phone model in left menu, supported)

Note:  Use the installation instructions from the first link to install the LOS+microG from the second link.  Signature spoofing is installed by default.

Note:  microG is an anonymity translation layer using non GooglePlay services which requires signature spoofing included with LOS+microG, second link. Download all of them in single sitting with the ANT Downloader.

For those who require ROOT user access LOS now depends on an APK file from (the APK file must be renamed to end with the ZIP extension, examplefile.apk > when installing from recovery console.

  1. Install the magisk apk within the phone file browser
  2. Install magisk zip from the recovery console and reboot phone
  3. Tap on Magisk and make sure Magisk Framework / Library is installed, not just the Magisk app (both must be installed at this point) – Reboot if Magisk requests reboot

Note, Use the Recovery image offered on the LOS+microG image download page if you already have it installed on your phone so you can disregard TWRP recovery console instructions from the above magisk link.

(I test good with the ADB SIDELOAD command to install Magisk from LOS+microG recovery console)

Reboot after installs:

  • Find microG Settings and tap on “Self-Check” and check “System Spoofs Signature”
  • Under microG Settings find Location Modules and enable your choice of “Location Modules”
  • Open F-Droid Store find Settings and tap Repositories
  • Enable the Guardian Project repositories and search F-Droid for Orbot then tap Install
  • Open Orbot and turn on VPN and Bridges
  • Open Settings>Network & Internet>Advanced>VPN and Tap Orbot for phone VPN Settings
  • Open Orbot tap Orbot Settings and choose apps to run under the VPN (Remember to test apps with this setting on and off, i.e., Meshtastic app