Here is the latest from Jack Lawson, author of the Civil Defense Manual. You can grab a copy of his book here. Jack is a strong supporter of American Partisan, and even had NC Scout write the chapter on Radio Communications (Chapter 17 in Volume I). I bought my copy the day it become available and I highly recommend you do as well.

Civil Defense Manual

I was recently in a ranch and farm supply store of a large franchise chain. I stopped at the entry way from the shock of what I saw gazing at the empty store shelves. I questioned an employee standing near the entrance as to why, who said the franchise can’t get merchandise. Another customer who stopped next to me said… “It looks like they’re in the middle of a going out of business sale!”

If it sounds like Chicken Little yelling “The Sky is Falling!”  …read on…

What do I say to you?

What can I say to you? How do I convince my Fellow Americans to start storing water, food, medicines and clothing and blankets to keep warm with this winter… when… this information is contradictory to the way you think! It creates Cognitive Dissonance in your thought!

Dictionary Definition

cognitive dissonance


cag-ni-tive dis-uh-nuhns/ /ˌkɑːɡ.nə.t̬ɪv ˈdɪs.ən.əns/

Definition of cognitive dissonance: It is a state of conflict that occurs when your beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. The result is that you might limit your flow of information to that which you agree with or seek out information and people who would give you support and agree with the way you currently think.

Origin: Psychologist Leon Festinger first described the theory of cognitive dissonance in 1957.

Simple math will also tell you… too many people to sustain by an overly complex supply system. A supply system that is prone to interruption… so disruption and shortages of Critical Life Supplies and Services, as I term these necessities in the Civil Defense Manual, that have started, are going to get worse. Look carefully the next time you’re in your grocery, building supply or big box store.

Shelves, that were immediately filled when emptied… are sitting empty for an increasing number of products.

That’s because the stores don’t have it in their backrooms… because their suppliers can’t get it… because factory production has fallen or because transportation can’t deliver it to suppliers and stores or deliver the raw materials to factories.

This essay is about Supply Chain System shortages that will get worse. But, if you’re of the mindset that what I write is panic thought… if this conflicts with your thought… you may as well stop reading here. In my opinion, only a stupid person cannot see the precarious situation Americans are in now from the problems that have shown up in the last 20 months and that time will only make worse.

But I know you’re not stupid, because you’re concerned enough to be reading this essay.

Another simple indicator… is that in my 75 years, I can never recall the United States Postal Service in such disarray and as unreliable as it has gotten. Change by disruption is here as part of the ‘new normal.’

Buy what you need, that you can afford to buy, NOW!

We are in a Catastrophic Event as I write this. It just hasn’t come to full fruition and hasn’t directly or collaterally affected Critical Life Supplies and Services… as I define that in the Civil Defense Manual. Those primarily being food, water and life sustaining medicines and medical aid.

Everything you need and consume will become much harder, if not impossible, to obtain later. Those items will cost much more because of the coming shortages caused by ‘bottlenecks’ in the supply chain, reduced manufacturing/processing output and other issues. Shortages will be magnified, as they trigger basic supply and demand principles, multiplied by panic buying and worsened by the massive inflation that is already here and increasing quickly.

See the list of ‘must haves’ at the end of this essay.

Availability of just about everything will probably be on and off like a light switch as the ‘new normal.’ Investing in what you need and want now, that you can afford to buy, beats what you get from most investments on your money. These Supply Chain ‘bottlenecks’ and resultant shortages will probably never go away until the country and world are taken back from the Globalist elites. Economic and supply chaos will go on forever until regime change everywhere.

If that regime becomes Socialist/Communist/Marxist in America, shortages will become the way of life for the most abundant country on the face of this Earth. Ask my wife… she saw her homeland of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), the ‘breadbasket of Africa,’ destroyed by the Communists. Massive starvation and hunger… people machine-gunned for protesting starvation, in a country that formerly fed ALL of Africa. Didn’t hear about that on the Main Stream News, did you?


“The reality of a Catastrophic Event is the shock to the mind that the effects it produces cannot be normally comprehended as possible” – Jack Lawson, Author of the Civil Defense Manual

What will happen… and why it will happen…

Globalist elites will use the shortage crisis, along with the chaos it will cause, to install Socialism/Communism/Marxism through government enforcement.


Government regulations, that could be temporarily changed, could solve this ‘bottleneck’ in two weeks. But they won’t change their rules… they’re introducing you to the world of shortages. There are indications and talk of this everywhere… except from the Main Stream News Media and the present Administration.

When it gets to food, you’ll quickly get ‘woke’ to their tactics. Because, food is a weapon and when you’re starving, you won’t care who is feeding you and your family and you’ll go to bat for the devil himself to keep eating. Again, food becomes a weapon. Read my essay “Store Food NOW! on the Civil Defense Manual website at to understand how this weapon is used.

The Globalist elites and their American Communists, Marxist, Leftists and Socialist stooges, with the subtle background assistance of the Chinese Communist government and the fanfare of the Main Stream News Media, will be persuading people to think that… “Capitalism can’t provide for you, but we can!” …as their way to get total control of America. How they’ll obtain supplies will be barbaric and they’ll supply only their own believers and those who support them.

Current bottlenecks and shortages have been created by Globalist elites and their supporters and will worsen… just like the 100-plus ship ‘bottleneck’ sitting at anchor full of containers off the Long Beach California docks… and now the 170 ship pile up at Los Angeles Harbor. This is all fake… created by regulations that the Leftists in control of these areas refuse to even temporarily change to get the situation back to normal.

Widespread shortages of food maybe within the next year… but there will be shortages, intermittent supply and drastic price increases of about everything as you become conditioned to this being the normal supply and demand in the most abundant country in the world. Thus, food becomes a weapon.

Thomas Jefferson, who lived in Paris, France for years, upon hearing of the French famine of 1788, was astounded that the people of the most abundant country in Europe were starving. One year later they would revolt and create the madness of the “Reign of Terror,” killing hundreds of thousands of their own by fanatical decree of the Jacobins. The Jacobins were the original Collectivists (Communists) who, with help from outside wealthy financiers, created the famine in France by manipulation of the French and European grain commodities market.

From the Civil Defense Manual…

As Charles Dickens began the very first paragraph of his classic novel “A Tale of Two Cities,” “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…” I find eerie similarities, along with present day contradictions, to the time period that America exists in now.

We live in the Golden Age of abundance, wisdom and Individual Rights… unlike those people living during the time of that novel… with an undercurrent of rage and foolishness tugging at the steadfast frailty of the Constitutional Wisdom that grants these rights… and if those rights should fail, the abundance, wisdom and Golden Age of ours will end in a blink.

The French Revolution

The Great Reset

If you don’t know what Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF) mean by “The Great Reset” …look it up. What’s hindering their schedule is Americans are armed and can resist. Disarmament of Americans will not happen or fit into the time table for The Great Reset schedule of completion by 2032, regardless of their attempts, in my opinion. Americans are armed to the teeth… and WILL resist.

Part of The Great Reset is that China will replace the United States as the new world power. Just as the United States replaced Great Britain as the new world power starting in 1947. When the United States is no longer the most powerful country in the world, the dollar will lose its crucial protected importance. Expect your life to spiral into disaster when the U.S. Dollar is no longer the World’s Reserve Currency and the financial mismanagement of our government is no longer tolerated by the world, because they won’t be using the U.S. Dollar to trade with. Disaster will occur here.

The people behind this Great Reset are intent on replacing our Democratic Society with an Authoritarian System where they don’t even bother to try to convince you that anything they believe is right or logical… they just make you do it whether you like it or not… for their financial and control benefit.

They intend to install a world ruling class… like Kings and Queens and dictators that just won’t go away… because with the surveillance technology they have… overseen by government enforcement… there will be no further revolutions for people’s rights.

Trump will not save you, nor will any conservative save you from what is coming. Like James Wesley Rawles, Author of the classic novel “Patriots” and the website says… “YOYO” (You’re On Your Own!)

Read on about what you can do.

The United States will be irreparably damaged by four years of Biden running the country. I am convinced that Obama and the people behind him are the real power of the Biden Presidency… it’s really Obama’s third term. Regardless of whether real conservative Republicans get control of all branches of the government, they will fail in rolling back what the Globalist elites and their Democratic stooges have done.

Just as Trump was stymied by constant ‘impeachment’ proceedings when he had total control of all law making and could have passed any law… they will divide and divert attentions to what derails effective government through the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

You might feel good about what real Republicans try in good faith to do, but they will not control the bureaucracy… the fourth and mightiest branch of government… the administrators. This will be the legacy of and the ultimate control of law and policy in America by the end of the Biden Administration in 2024. Forget the election fraud, audits and proof.

Trump will not be reinstated as President and the Biden Administration will increase and retain iron fisted control of the Bureaucracy and thus the government, placing the people they put to control these agencies who will be there when they’re gone. Look at people like Fauci, who do whatever they want without oversight. Can’t get rid of them.

However, at some point… when the takeover of the United States falls behind schedule or they determine it will not happen as easily as they planned… one of the following, or most likely… a combination of these events will occur…

  1. Shortages of Critical Life Supplies and Services that I describe in the Civil Defense Manual will become more frequent and more pronounced, and or,
  2. A real pandemic will ensue that IS DEADLY… like weaponized lab modified hybrid small pox (that has a 99.9% fatality rate versus regular Mother Nature’s small pox with a 30 to 64% fatality rate), and or,
  3. Massive deaths will begin to happen from the Genetic Modification Clotting Serums (Covid vaccines) that are time delayed and harmful, and or,
  4. An ElectroMagnetic Pulse event will encompass the United States, and or,
  5. Armed conflict will begin between opposing factions in various parts of the country. Expect random car bombs, sabotage of the electrical and communications grids, poisoning of city water supplies, etc., and or,
  6. Total economic destruction, through runaway inflation worse than any war, will envelope the United States, and or,
  7. World War III of limited nuclear strikes and conventional ground and sea battles will occur, and or,
  8. Over taxation will keep people from providing food and shelter for themselves with government confiscating people’s money regardless if they’ll starve or not, and…
  9. Issues will occur that neither my mind or yours can conceive of or imagine.

Again, am I wearing my tin foil hat? Well, it seems I have good company. (or Deagel), is a rival of two-century old Janes Military… and if you don’t know who Janes is… you need to read outside the box more often., like Janes, is connected to anyone and everyone in intelligence, defense and governmental power circles of all countries. shocked all that read their 2021 report. If you question the above… research the 2025 ‘’ Forecast: War, Population Reduction, & The Collapse Of The West… forecasting a 70% reduction of the United States and other countries Populations by 2025. has never answered why or what they based this on.

“The Sky is Falling”

You may think of this essay like the story of “Chicken Little and the Sky is Falling” by Englishman Robert Greene Chandler. For those of you who weren’t paying attention in kindergarten (I had to refresh my memory), Chicken Little, aka ‘Chicken Licken’ aka ‘Henny Penny,’ caused unjustified concern in people by warning all that “The sky is falling!” after an acorn fell from a tree hitting the unfortunate little hen on the head. Obviously, the sky was not falling and the warning was unjustified.

Well… an acorn didn’t fall and hit me on the head and the subject of this newsletter is certainly justified, even though you’ve read and heard the preaching many times about water and food storage over the decades. To you… we’re no different than Chicken Little warning that the sky is falling.

“Yeah, yeah… I’ve heard it so many times before and the grocery stores and restaurants haven’t run out of food… and water still runs from my kitchen faucet!” …you say.

You are all aware of the ‘toilet paper shortage,’ but the Mainstream News Media has not been informing people of the Supply Chain disruptions of other items. Since many people don’t go to ‘Alternative News Media’ sources, you don’t know what’s happening. The worst part of this is that shortages of some of these items… will cause shortages of other items. Like transportation vehicle tire shortages that are predicted by tire suppliers this next year… which means trucks can’t deliver and employees can’t get to work to handle the manufacturing and distribution.

Joe Dolio… Author of Tactical Wisdom asks his readers… What does the Great Book of Tactical Wisdom (The Bible) say?

“The prudent see danger and take refuge,
but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.”

Proverbs 22:3

(Books you need to read…

To most people, the world is turning upside down. They are depressed and disturbed over the mood of the country.

For example: the lunacy of white professors calling for the death of their own race, white people… Huge settlements proposed to illegal immigrants for their families being split up during their detentions for their felony attempt to enter and stay in the United States… mind boggling.

I don’t need to go on.

But the reason you think the country is going crazy is you’re not adjusting your thought. You’re not analyzing the true reasons for this craziness. You’re not doing the following…