You’ve probably noticed a change or two around here.

Way back when, a little over three years ago, Jesse James and I set out on a mission to build the best website dedicated to sharing information out there, bar none. And while we didn’t know exactly how rough of a task that would prove, we did.

We mean what we say and we do what we claim.

Since then the adventure managed to snag up seven and a half million hits, be ranked among the top websites in the world and firmly place this motley crew of Liberty-minded malcontents at the forefront of the fight among freedom-loving Americans in our once great Nation. It hasn’t been an easy one by any stretch, but for myself and the crew here, we’re no stranger to a fight. Like a rabid pack of pitbulls we’ve fought tooth and nail and the people you see at the table here are true fighters to the core. You’re either in it to the bitter, bloody end, or you ain’t. Your call.

What you see before you now is the culmination of what I envisioned for the standard in American Liberty. No-fluff original content for the serious, be it thought provoking pieces, how-tos, or sharing knowledge from the better corners of the internet by like minds putting out the very best. But with that, you’ve probably already noticed a few other items – a stock and crypto currency ticker, a precious metals index chart, and several domestic and international news feeds, right on the forefront. What we’ve put together is a single comprehensive picture in real time of real-world events at your fingertips, while keeping the same great content you’ve come to expect.

The best part – we’re just getting warmed up.  Whether that’s crushing it with Radio Contra and Sons Of Liberty or the training courses the guys here run, we’re only starting. The Big Tech censors came after us, again, and then again, the Chinese Communist Party came after us when I posted their GPS uplink frequencies, the American traitors known as the Democrat Left came for us, and then there was that time we counterd the Cuban Government oppressing its people by countering their radio jamming, and its damn good to know we pissed them off. It means we’re doing our job.

Looking at the past, together we’ve achieved much. But that will dwarf the heights we can achieve. I know I’m excited to bring you the very best. And I’m looking forward to enjoying the ride with this motley group of beautiful rebellious scum. We are the standard for the next phase in American Freedom against Big Tech, Big Gov, and the Power Elite that thinks they own us. We stand for Freedom and the basic human dignity that’s shined a light on the heights humanity can achieve.

This is American Partisan.