Skyrocketing inflation, supply line shortages, Big foods shutting down processing plants over the Fauci Flu. Well you get the picture.

Anyone who buys food at the grocery store knows the prices are going to the moon and there is no end in sight.

This whole thing could come crashing down as soon as the underappreciated true American heroes the truckers say screw this and stop driving. Everything we Americans use is delivered on a truck and could become a non-item at the drop of a hat.

A forced Vaccine mandate on Truckers will do just that and its coming!  The Department Of Transportation will make the clot shot a mandatory part of a driver’s required physical. It’s that simple.  No Shot, No License, No job, No food delivered. The Criminals in DC know the Trucking industry will revolt and stop driving creating more chaos and that’s their plan.

Now I live in a small community and am always looking for potential food sources to feed my family and friends when SHTF, I have my book on foraging, I’ve learned how to make snares and trapping, how to procure clean drinking water and the like.

One of my favorite things to do is ride my four wheeler to the island every afternoon and as a guy that loves BBQ I’m always thinking to myself these pesky hogs are everywhere, they have large litters, their easy to find, easy to trap, are self-reliant, they need no feeding or water every day and mostly stick around the same general area.

Most people see a monster that likes tearing up there veggie garden or eating the family cat, However I see a renewable food source.

We as hunter’s farmers and survivalists should take a second look at the menacing wild hog population as just that, a reliable food source for when the gears of America finally stop and they will.

The really smart people will set up processing facilities so they can buy the deceased and live hogs, process them and sell or barter the meat to people in need for silver, ammunition or other valuable items or services creating a whole new industry.

I believe everything happens for a reason so maybe the wild Hogs are a true blessing in disguise.