California is becoming a third world toilet at breakneck speed thanks to liberal Policies limp wristed judges and corrupt prosecutors alike.

There were no bigger cheerleaders for the Black Lives Matter movement and criminal reform than the Woke Holly Wood elitists perched up on the hill in there mansions overlooking where the little people live.

Well now they have a problem, gangs of mostly black youths are overrunning stores and killing people with impunity, Homelessness is rampant needles and feces cover the streets, but all was fine until lately.

Now the Holly Wood crowd is concerned for their safety, complaining that they can’t drive there Bentley to Rodeo Drive for a day of shopping without fearing for their lives or having there rims stolen.

It’s starting to look like the Leftist windbags like the Second Amendment now. Their all buying guns and hopefully have better firearm skills than I didn’t pull the trigger Alec Baldwin.

I hate to break the news to the Alyssa Milano types, but that gang of thugs that break into their mansion in the middle of the night won’t show them and family any mercy, Ask Sharon Tate or what was left of her.

My prediction is there will be a glut of abandoned mansions in LA for sale since all the owners fled to free states like Florida or Texas where they can help destroy their new home in safety, Nancy Pelosi anyone?