The Joe Rogan Experience #1747 – Dr. Peter A. McCullough (MUST WATCH):

Peter McCullough Tells All (MUST WATCH – With Dr. Chris Martenson):

Kash’s Corner: Ivermectin Court Battles, Vaccine Mandates, and Omicron (MUST WATCH):

FDA Issues New Vaccine Warning; CDC Panel Advises Against Johnson Vaccine (MUST WATCH):

The Covid Frenzy (MUST WATCH):

False Security and Why Vaccination Can’t End the Pandemic: Dr. Paul Alexander (MUST WATCH):

Dr. Chris Martenson Interview – COVID Mass Psychosis & Gov Lies Are Creating An Authoritarian Future (MUST WATCH):

CDC Admits Omicron Spread Almost Entirely By The Vaccinated & The COVID Social Credit System Is Here:

81% of Israeli Omicron Cases “Fully Vaxed” As Gov Tightens Unvaxed Restrictions & “Air-Powered” Jabs:

Question and Answers about kids and Vaccines (Dr. Robert Malone):

Bourbon with Barnes (MUST WATCH / LISTEN if you are concerned or curious about the 6th Circuit decision on the OSHA vaxx mandate last week – prominent attorney Robert Barnes breaks it down and explains what it means, and what’s likely to happen next):

Bourbon w/ Barnes: Friday, December 17, 2021:

Bourbon w/ Barnes: Saturday, December 18, 2021:

‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘Dark Forces Are at Play’ (Covid vaxx weekly news roundup):

Vaxx Trax (Soundtrack playlist about the vaxx):


Ivermectin + Alternative Treament Updates

Can Ivermectin Help Prevent COVID-19 Deaths?

Biden’s US Postal Service Is Stealing & Destroying Ivermectin Shipments:

Horowitz: Now we know why the establishment has always opposed early treatment:

Virginia Hospital Provides Update After Court Holds It in Contempt:

Doctor Says He Was Fired for Trying to Treat COVID-19 Patients With Ivermectin:

Twitter says ivermectin can’t work no matter how many studies say it does:

Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Spread of Disease:


On Vaccines and Side Effects

20,000+ Deaths Reported to VAERS Following COVID Vaccines (Latest VAERS updates):

‘The BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses’ (MUST READ – Summary of groundbreaking new paper about how the Pfizer vaxx destroys your innate human immune system – this is why so many people are suddenly getting cancer and other serious conditions after the vaxx):

The BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses (Related paper):

COVID Vaccine Safety Update – Dr. Peter McCullough (MUST WATCH):

What the VAERS Data Tell Us About COVID Jab Safety (MUST WATCH):

Myocarditis in the UK: Moderna vs. the Virus! NEW Nature Medicine Paper (MUST WATCH):

Risks of myocarditis, pericarditis, and cardiac arrhythmias associated with COVID-19 vaccination or SARS-CoV-2 infection (Related paper in prominent journal Nature):

Moderna’s COVID Vaccine 4 Times More Likely To Cause Heart Inflammation Than Pfizer’s: Study:

CDC Vaccine Advisory Panel to Meet on Severe Condition Linked to J&J’s COVID-19 Vaccine:

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Not ‘Preferred’ Due to Link to Severe Condition: CDC Advisers:

FDA Strengthens Warning Over Severe Condition Linked to Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 Vaccine:

CDC Endorses Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Over J&J, Citing Blood Clot Risk — But Data Show All 3 Carry Similar Risk:

More VC Nurses Blow Whistle on ‘Overwhelming’ Numbers of Heart Attacks, Clotting, Strokes (California, H/T to a friend):

Pilot Death Data Shows Vaccine Mandate Did Not Work (Pilot deaths up by 1700% in 2021 due to vaxxes):


ADE and Mutations

What is VAIDS? Weekend Edition with John Strand (MUST WATCH – Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome):

New Study Finds Natural Immunity 6 Times More Protective Over Time Than Vaccine Alone (MUST WATCH):

Meet The Scientists Hunting For The Next Variant Of Concern:

Pfizer Says Its Low-Dose Vaccine Doesn’t Work in Kids Aged 2–5:

Pfizer 2-Dose COVID-19 Vaccine Study for Children Fails—Full Throttle to 3 Dose Clinical Trial Age 6 mo-5 Years Old:

Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Less Protective Against Hospitalization After Omicron Emerged: Study:

Moderna Claims Third “Booster” Dose 37 Times More Effective Against Omicron:

Doocy GRILLS WH About Biden’s LIE That The Vaccinated Cannot Spread The Virus:

Cornell University Admits ‘Virtually Every Case’ of Omicron in Fully Vaccinated Students (H/T to a friend):


On Tyranny and Fraud

Dr. David Martin released some documents (Docs to send to your state attorney general):

                Related docs here:

Bayer executive: mRNA shots are ‘gene therapy’ marketed as ‘vaccines’ to gain public trust (H/T to a friend):

A peek inside my inbox:

ICYMI: Articles of interest:

Hospitals as Hit Men:

Robert F. Kennedy: Exposing Dangerous Vaccines, Vaccine Passports and the Real Anthony Fauci:

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci: a ‘Formidable, Nefarious’ Partnership:

Fauci’s War on Science: The Smoking Gun:

Purported Anti-Vaxx Personality Requires Vaccination to Attend Holiday Party—But Don’t Blame Me:

BioNTech Says 3 Month Interval Between Second and Third COVID-19 Shots Warranted (H/T to a friend):

Pfizer Pushes Third Vaccine Dose For Kids 5 And Under:

Boosters for Men 16-40: A Regulatory Gamble:

FDA Should Need Only ‘12 Weeks’ to Release Pfizer Data, Not 75 Years, Plaintiff Calculates: