Long story short – yes. Yes it is.

As is any ‘national’ group that seems to come out of nowhere. The solution is local; you, your neighbors, people you encounter in person. It depends on you – YES, YOU! – to go out and engage with people at the local most level. Where the hard work actually is. I know, interpersonal skills can be hard and scary.

There’s a reason Merrick Garland labeled people engaging school boards domestic terrorists and not these clowns. Local action is far, far more dangerous, nearly impossible to quickly penetrate, and requires a long game to subvert.

The Eric Rudolph search was a prime example. And the Feds countered their failure by relocating several of their assets to the region. Took a long time and was very expensive, but, like our Irish cousins from the Isle, local networks are damn hard to break and we don’t like outsiders.