When the 2020 election was being stolen, myself along with millions of others though Donald Trump was going to act and use his powers to keep our country from being stolen from us and ushered into full blown communism.

Emergency powers we thought, declassification, the fencing around the capital was to keep all the criminals from getting away from the swamp, Gitmo was open for business, you know what I mean, well, nope, none of it.

After weeks of him doing nothing more than whining on Twitter crying at his rally’s and trying to get everyone else to act and fix the mess for him, On Jan 21 2021 at high noon Donald Trump got on air force one with his trophy wife and fled to his Mara Lago leaving the country to a Compromised and corrupt man that was owned by China who by the way attacked us with a biological weapon and Trump did nothing about it.

I felt true sorrow in my heart and knew we were in a lot of trouble, while I was feeling depressed, angry and frustrated with Trumps inaction on pretty much everything, I started to ask myself some questions about the Donald.

Now anyone that paid any attention to Trumps hiring practices knows he was a complete idiot when it came to bringing in good people, one backstabbing loser after another so when John the stache Bolton showed up I knew there was no hope for Trump.

On his way out the White House door Trump Pardoned his son in laws father Charles Kushner, who was a multimillionaire real estate executive and top Democratic donor who was sentenced to two years in federal prison after pleading guilty to 18 counts, including tax evasion and making illegal campaign contributions, Did Trump get any of that money?

However no pardons for the true heroes like Mr. Assange and Edward Snowden.

Trumps supporters were censored by Twitter Facebook and the rest of big tech including him and he did nothing.

Two Years of Bill Barr doing nothing more than looking like he’s doing something here and there just enough to keep Trump from firing him. Trump loved incompetence.

Trump also loved those generals, politicians in Cammo, Yes it was Trump that hired and kept the Woke idiot General Milley around, so its Trumps guy that left those weapons and people in Afghanistan and he’s still on the job.

Then there’s the FBI guy, another Trump pick, and he’s still on the job. Now he’s busy rounding up Trump supporters.

Fed Guy Powell aka Mr. Hyperinflation- yup, Trump’s guy, he’s still there.

Trump doubled the debt and with no wars to pay for so go figure, Obama must be proud he was so thrifty compared to Trump.

Antifa and BLM burned the cities down and Trump did nothing.

How about Trump’s Supreme Court picks, mandatory vaccines are Constitutional?

Now I just hit a nerve, Mr. Warp Speed himself created this Experimental Gene Therapy with Pfizer and his little buddy the Hermit Fauci, He pushed this vax on us he still takes credit for it to this day and is still pushing it on people, is Trump’s ego so big or is he so blind and stupid that he doesn’t know his vax is killing millions or is there something more sinister going on with Mr. Trump?

Do they have something on him? Was he Epsteined? Is there a video out there of him raping a 16 year old girl? Don’t count it out it’s surely a possibility.

He just can’t possibly be this incompetent and clueless.

So to this day Trump still has his same crew of rejects like Mark Meadows hanging around. There probably telling him to keep quiet on the Vax deaths so it all can all be pinned on him in the future, Trumps so clueless He doesn’t know he’s being set up as the fall guy.

Trumps job going forward I believe is to keep all the cultist Trump lovers in line so a man that makes things happen like Governor Desantis can never become our president.

Trump was just president someone should have told him to act like it, he was inept cowardly and a miserable failure, so what makes anyone think he will do anything next time. Actually there won’t be a next time because Trump did nothing about the rigged voting machines and voter fraud.

We shall see what comes of the Donald. I don’t expect him to man up and call his vax what it really is, a Biological weapon that he helped unleash on the world whether knowingly or not.

Donald Trump created this Vaccine, just ask him he brags about it. He’s proud of it.


John Alden