Values are ethical beliefs that guide personal action and shape how you see the world around you.  It is easy to see the results of misplace or nonexistent values by watching the destruction of our country by a valueless society.  The one thing that gives me a hope for a better future is that a solid section of America still believes in the fundamental concepts of both right and wrong.  Humans are tribal by nature and seek to build community.  It is through the promotion of your established values that will be the next steppingstone in establishing your mutual assistance group.

At this point you have brainstormed what your group is trying to achieve.  You have taken the time to thoughtfully build both mission and vision statements, now it is time to start thinking about what characteristics you deem important to be a member of your group.  Not only does this help to guide your own belief systems, it also is what you expect of everyone else.  Think of it as a code of ethical behavior to guide how you want to live your life.  Survivalism is a lifestyle and to be good at it you must embrace it all.

The founding members of our group were each given the assignment of writing down their values and defining the “why” behind them.  We then scheduled a meeting and put all those individual values up on the white board.  The next step was to identify commonalities and then whittle away the chaff until we collectively defined the value set for the group.   Take the time to get the wording right because specific word usage is important.

These are ours:


  1. Integrity- Adherence to moral and ethical principles as stated by the Christian faith
  2. Honesty- To be truthful, upright, and fair
  3. Dependable- Worth of trust and reliable
  4. Forgiving- Disposed to forgive
  5. Excellence- Striving to be the best you can be at any given task
  6. Service- Servant leadership to your family, community, and team

Nothing cosmic but in the end, these are  the expectations we have individually and with each other.

EDITORS NOTE: This may seem like obvious stuff, but it isn’t. In spending a bunch of time with Crusoe over the course of the Partisan Life Saver course, it made me realize that I can count one one hand the number of groups who have these things clearly defined and agreed upon. If you are forming a MAG, please take heed and follow these steps so that when the bad times start, you are all on the same page – Patriotman