It does not matter which survivalist forum you are on there is always a thread about vetting new members and how not to become infiltrated.  The recruitment and vetting of new members are a necessity as your grow your new group and it is imperative to try and get it right the first time.  Infiltration is always a concern and is something to watch out for, but for most groups this really is not an issue.  Unless you are doing something illegal or are planning on some sort of direct action the government and local law enforcement are not something worth spending a lot of time worrying about.  Time is better spent finding the right people with the right skills that will fit in with the mission and purpose of your MAG.

As you write your charter it is time well spent thinking about who it is you are looking for.  I am a proponent of professionalizing your group to make that an easier task.  There are plenty of squared away people in your local community that are looking for something other than Bubba’s Militia and want to join up with like-minded folks to prepare for what is around the corner.  Take your time…there is no hurry.

Our group takes a holistic approach when vetting new members.  There is a list of no-go items that are non-negotiable, and we also look at their family dynamics.  As an example, we may find the perfect candidate, but their spouse is bat shit crazy and will cause significant problems down the road.  In this case we would probably make a hard pass and move on.

It is also worth looking at their personality and how well would they mesh with your group.  Any person on this forum that has been in the military or part of a team knows that one bad apple, regardless of skills, will rapidly wreck the dynamics you are trying to achieve.  If they are a jerk, then considerable thinking needs to be done before you let them join the team.

Here is how we recruit new members as part of our charter.

  • Recruiting/Vetting: All potential recruits will be sponsored by at least one member from the original members. The recruit will be interviewed off location before being invited to participate in open training.  The sponsor is responsible for the overall conduct, initial indoctrination, and training of the recruit.  There will be a minimum of 6 months of active recruit involvement before the member is put to a vote for admission.  Voting must be unanimous for entry.  If at any time it is determined that the potential recruit is unfit or just does not fit in with the mission and dynamics of the group their application will be terminated and asked to move on.
    • The Group must access the recruit’s:
    • Politics-Must be Conservative
    • Mental stability- No obvious mental illness
    • Physical Fitness- Physically able to train
    • Skillsets- Desired skillsets for the group (gunsmith, medical, veterinarian, etc.)
    • Family dynamics- Ability to train and immediate family is not going to be an issue
    • Ability to participate- Active involvement and consistently at all training events
    • Criminal background (felon, sex offender, drug/alcohol addictions, etc.)
    • Financial Status- Ability to meet the gear/training requirements within the allotted time
    • Medical Status- No significant medical issues that would cause a strain on the group

Crusoe is retired from the Air Force after 30-years of service as a flight crew member.  He spends most of his time thinking about the apocalypse and how to mitigate its effects.  When not immersed in academic pursuits, he is often on a trail hiking in the mountains of North Georgia or reading with a glass of Irish whiskey and a German Shepherd by his side.   Global travel enthusiast, history nerd, Appalachian Trail thru hiker, and recovering ultra-endurance athlete.  He can be reached at [email protected]