What is a Non-Permissive Environment? Simply put, an NPE is a place where you are outright denied or heavily restricted in what you can carry, what you are allowed to do, and where you can be. Places such as court houses, police stations, govt buildings, hospitals, stadiums, certain corporate structures, airports, and many other areas. Commonly, you will see signs that say: “No firearms or weapons are authorized on this premises.” Or “No firearms or knives allowed on this property”, “Property under 24hr surveillance, No Trespassing”, and so on. All too often you even see these types of signs on regular businesses, which of course, is their right. So what do you do you do to protect yourself in a Non-Permissive Environment? You use NON-PERMISSIVE ENVIRONMENT TOOLS.


Definition of NON-PERMISSIVE

non·​per·​mis·​sive \ nän-pər-ˈmi-siv  \

not permissive:

a: not granting or tending to grant permission, not indulgent

Non Permissive Environment Sign

Weapons Defined

Lets talk about NPE weapons. First, the definition of a weapon is “a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage.” So basically anything that someone (who?) decides is “dangerous”? No, the definition is anything that was DESIGNED to inflict harm or damage, right? So, if we have to defend our lives in a place where you cannot carry what would usually be deemed a “weapon”, what are your options? Well, I wouldn’t see it as a “weapon”. I would perceive it to be a “tool”, and that is the wording I would use.

Don’t get nervous though, you have A LOT of options. Many of these tools are available commercially, but even better, many of them you can make yourself. Trust me on this, the best tools, the most hard-to-see or difficult-to-find ones, are types you conceive and make yourself. Tools that only you and your team are aware of, or maybe only you know about. In this Part 1 article, we are going to cover the types of tools one could use for self-defense.

The easiest way I define these tools is similar to survival tool doctrine, it must do more than one thing. Ideally, anything in a survival kit has 3 or more functions. So, our tools should be along that same line. This isn’t always an option, but we can strive for it. Why? Because being able to explain what that item is, anything other than a weapon, is paramount.

For example, if I have a Zebra F-701 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen, then it’s obvious what that is. What’s not going to be immediately obvious is what I can do with it or do with it. (Yes I wrote that twice for a reason) What about my bootlaces? The ones I have gone thru multiple airports with? We’ll talk about those in Part 2. Then, there is always my wedding ring, my hat, and my watchband. Yes, we will touch on those in Part 2 as well.


Non-Permissive Environment Tools

So, you are headed into a building that you HAVE TO go into, but you don’t want to be unarmed. You don’t feel safe in that building, even though they have 50 signs outside saying “Gun-free Zone” and “No Weapons or Firearms Allowed on Premises” … somehow plastic signs and stern words just don’t help you feel any better. What would make you feel safer? Being armed any way you can be. Let’s look at some simple options you could take into some places.

NPE Weapon Notice sign


“Strawesome” Tools

Non-Permissive environment Straws

Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber, or Titanium Re-Useable Straws… remember these? Yeah, they are AWESOME for self-defense. But you must get the right kind of straws. I am talking the ones that someone may or may not have made for self-defense and for drinking liquids. If you find the right kind, they will be set up to maximize “use” when needed, and to look completely normal when not needed. They can be had in many versions, from many people, including me. “The Last Straw” seen in the pics and the CF Straw were both made by yours truly and I do offer them for sale. (See Pics)

Non-Permissive environment Straws

The Pen Is Mightier Than The…

Self-defense Pens for Non-Permissive Environments

How about the pens we were talking about earlier? The Zebra F-701s, or others like the Tuff Writer Operator series of pens or TW Precision Press Series Pencils. Any of these should pass through at any security check point with normal people manning it. The Zebra is a simple off the shelf Stainless Steel pen. The Tuff Writer Pens and Pencils are tough and look awesome, but they are pens and pencils too, so the explanation should be simple. (see pics)

Self-defense Pens for Non-Permissive Environments Self-defense Pens for Non-Permissive Environments

Inner City Defense Pencils and Kubatons

Inner City Defense Pencils for Non-Permissive Environments

Another Stellar option is the Inner City Defense Pencil, which you are going to have to find on EBAY. Or you can acquire Titanium Kubatons that look just like Pens, such as the one I modified. I believe they were once available from County Comm, but I do not see them on the site anymore. Nevertheless, still a great option if you are about to mod it to your own specs. Put it in your front pocket with other pens, and your tools are hidden in plain sight. (see pics)

Inner City Defense Pencils for Non-Permissive Environments


G10 and Sharpies

G10 Pencils and Sharpies for NPE

On the other hand, if you want to go exotic, maybe even a custom Black G10 “Pencil”, or a “Special Sharpie” from a certain person that is definitely not me. Many other companies and individual makers offer these types of Sharpies too. I have carried one at work for months and no one knows anything. I have also carried the G10 Pencil on occasion. (see pics)

G10 Pencils and Sharpies for NPE G10 Pencils and Sharpies for NPE


Shomer Tec Pens

Shomer Tec Carbon Fiber Ventilator Titanium Stick Pens

Then you even have the option of a Carbon Fiber Ventilator Pen or a Titanium Stick Pen from Shomer-Tec. The CF Ventilator is so lightweight I can’t even feel it when I have it on me, and the Titanium Stick Pen is in the same category. They are so lightweight, you feel nothing. However, the damage they can do and the speed they can do it with is startling. (see pics)

Shomer Tec Carbon Fiber Ventilator Titanium Stick Pens


Carabiners As Non-Permissive Environment Tools

Omega Pacific Tactical Locking D-Carabiner