WEAPONISED asteroids, “rods from god” raining down on Earth and cannon firing molten metal and — it sounds like something from a sci-fi movie. 

But these bizarre weapons may soon become a reality as space becomes the final frontier for superpower warfare.


The reality of a space war moved closer today as Putin revealed a new alliance with China to create space weapons that could unleash havoc in the West if its satellites were targeted.

Speaking at his annual news conference, the Russian strongman leader said the partnership was “strategic” amid growing tensions with NATO.

It is feared an orbital onslaught could shut down hospitals, crash the economy, knock out communications, and cause mass blackouts.

Star warrior

Russia’s new weapon dubbed “Star Warrior” has the West worried as it can blast satellites out of orbit at heights of up to 500 miles above Earth.

Putin’s state owned TV issued a chilling threat that Russia may deploy the system to destroy some 32 Western satellites to render Nato missiles useless.

It comes after Putin used the weapon to destroy a redundant Soviet-era Tselina-D military reconnaissance satellite — blasting it into an orbital debris storm.

It uses the ominous-looking and pyramid-esque Don-2N radar to detect incoming threats and blast them out the sky — which can also detect threats in space.

The centrepiece of the radar is a supercomputer called Elbrus-2.