“A method and/or system that can be implemented on a computing device or tables or board game or otherwise uses a rule set to evaluate data about a situation and actors in order to provide advice regarding strategies for influencing actors and/or other outputs.”




This is the US patent for how “Online Influence Operations” and “Interactive Internet Activities” work. Known as “OIO” or “IIA” in the government intelligence, foreign intelligence, and private intelligence circles.

Those websites like Gab, Telegram, Parler, and Rumble are part of the mind war. Not only are they used for mapping human terrain and network analysis, they can adjust the subject matter to suit the changing conversation based on cell phone and browser history data.

Have you ever wondered why the Q-Anon crowd always changes the subject and moves the goal posts consistently? And the followers adopt the new conversation so quickly?

It’s because they have analyzed the psychology of those persons and understand them better than they know themselves.

Check out this article here for more information = https://www.americanpartisan.org/2020/09/digital-exhaust-opt-out-guide-for-operational-security-opsec/