This is not an opportunity to talk about difficult matters privately or in a closed environment. This is a circus. It’s a national disgrace. And from my standpoint, as a black American, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S. Senate rather than hung from a tree.

– U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

The Millennials and Gen X have an an entirely different definition of ‘left’ and ‘right’ than generations previous. We see the world radically different, in no small part because of the information revolution of the 90’s and the abundant fruit of seeds sown decades before. With few exceptions there seems to have been very little cultural transmission between the Boomers and their children. Chalk it up to feminism and two income households turning schools and Hollywood into babysitters, cucked husbands abdicating their role in the family, the hedonism and individualism from the 60’s and 70’s raising children in the 80’s and 90’s, and a myriad of other reasons. The point here is that those on both ends of the political spectrum do not see the world the same way their parents did. Those of us on the right have generally staked out positions significantly further to the right of our our elders, and there is an increasing willingness to move away from Conservatism™. While a great many words have been spilt about the Kavnaugh hearings on such failed blogs as The Weekly Standard, they miss the fact this is less about Brett Kavanaugh and more about the failure of a party with arguably all three branches of government to even govern.

Millennials don’t have any fond memories of this monolithic American culture, or this sense of belonging to this class of Americans. ‘Who is we, pal, and what exactly do you mean by Americans?’ See, we grew up being stuffed into various boxes like female, or straight, or Hispanic and ranked on the victim scale. Truth was this slippery thing, and it didn’t really matter what was said, it mattered more that the ‘right’ person said it. We came home from school to an empty house and had Disney, and then MTV tell us to ‘do what makes us happy.’ If we were too active for our parent’s sedentary lifestyle and the prison-like school system, Mom just gave us speed Ritalin until we were properly lobotomized. After all, rambunctious kids interrupt your work schedule and martinis with the girls, while a drooling catatonic one just needs a bib. We grew up, and in the midst of that hedonism in college we were inculcated with the Frankfurt School, Zinn and Chomsky telling us there was no God, and America is fundamentally unjust and evil…never mind the contradiction. Then came a recession and we found out hedonism isn’t nearly as much fun without cash, and learned first hand what exactly the ‘Tulip Bubble’ meant to a modern day economy. A whole lot of people started to find out degeneracy is a pretty empty lifestyle, and like an addict we faced two choices. Double down, or suck up the withdrawals and pick a different path.

I use that broad generalization to hammer home the point that Millennials, by our very nature, don’t have faith in this America idea. Trying to convince someone to roll back the clock to some Knights of the Round Table era doesn’t resonate with people who’s entire life has been one of an inconvenience to their parents and in the case of white males like myself, our very existence was a problem to many. One side wars against the existing institutions because it provides even the slightest check against degeneracy. The other side of the aisle wars against the existing institutions because they have become a safe have and a fount for such degeneracy. This is why, the soon-to-be largest living voting blog only agree on one thing, and that is that things are definitely going to change.

So through that lens, what does the Kavanaugh situation portend? Assuming all the allegations are true, my general reaction has been ‘So?’ Never mind the fact the man has had a line wrapped around the block to vouch for his character. People do stupid things when they are young, and forgive me if I cannot see past the irony when the party of baby parts farmers, and ‘kill white people’ is suddenly concerned about moral behavior. I mean after all, had he whipped it out during an LGBTQ parade, Kavanaugh would have been celebrated for showing the children of the cosmic liberals there his ‘tolerance.’ Frankly, most of us who remember the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ don’t trust the Conservatives™ further than we can throw them into moving traffic, let alone the left. I was assured by grave faced men that CMO’s were safe, so forgive me if I don’t believe a politically motivated woman with a conflict of interest to tell the world the truth after nearly four decades of silence.

Not to be melodramatic, but I think the last branch of government with any respectability is no longer. I have never been a huge fan of SCOTUS because I actually read the opinions, but I did not doubt the intelligence of the men and women in the position. Americans have a rightfully dim view of Congress and generally are split down the middle on the Executive Branch, but most generally believed the Supreme Court was still an institution that aspired to high ideals and just outcomes. The third branch of government was the only one left with widespread credibility. When the constitution of the court is affected by specious allegations, the credibility of the selection process is called into question. When the selection process is no longer valid, it calls into question the judges, and thus the Court. When the Court no longer has integrity, the judgments it passes may have the force of law but they are tainted as well. We once cared so much about the integrity of the justice system we came up with a term for such a thing, the fruit of the poisonous tree. If the root process is tainted, the results will be tainted as well, and the Kavanaugh hearing is the beginning.

Aside from the less-than-minor problems associated with completely undermining the pinnacle of the US justice system, it’s yet another puzzle piece falling into place for the left. The conservatives split on Donald Trump after the lurid comments about a pretty woman, the Conservatives™ giving up on the presidency altogether at the faintest hint of controversy. It failed to work, but I don’t doubt it hurt him. The left tried again in the Roy Moore election and succeeded, so it followed they would continue to use it moving forward. I will be shocked if the midterm elections don’t see another Republican or two accused of sexual misconduct when they were in high school or college. Whether the allegations can be proven or not matters little when a portion of the right can be cowed by an accusation their Congressman (whom they profess to hate anyways in nearly every poll taken in the last three decades).

So what does it all mean to the under forty crowd? We should be prepared for this type of behavior to become a way of life, both personally and politically. A woman, or man for that matter, has a problem with you at work, why shouldn’t you get a knock on the door by HR and security as they tell you ‘for the safety of everyone here we will need to put you on a you’re-definitely-fired-but-we-won’t-call-it-that leave of absence while we investigate.’ It’s not like a lady took down the entire Duke lacrosse team in the media, despite it’s falsity. No one could be clever enough to DIY ligature marks, and come up with a heart-wrenching story. The possibilities are nearly endless for a motivated person, and thanks to social media all you need is a phone. Good luck winning that battle of public opinion you misogynist. Maybe you avoid a trial, but how about your wife and kids? They still going to be around when everyone thinks dad assaults and rapes women? Public office could handily be limited to those with ‘correct’ views when somehow everyone who doesn’t play the beltway game is suddenly discovered to have been a Patrick Bateman in his youth.

In a larger context, those of us without the option of retiring and surfing the internet will likely become further enlightened about the mistake that is the less-left, circa 1960-2015. I don’t have a crystal ball, but there are no options on the table right now that do not end in the country being totally unrecognizable a decade from now. The right of tomorrow is already leaving Conservatism™ in the rearview mirror, as well as the whole putrid mess of hedonistic capitalism uber alles and stupefied inactionThis Third World circus confirms that exactly nothing has been conserved and there is no loyalty owed to those who cannot keep even the most meager promises about preserving our way of life. To the millennials who aren’t trying to kill you and take your stuff, a failure to confirm Brett Kavanaugh will be the crown jewel on the failure of conservatism. May Conservatism™, its high priests and acolytes pass without mourning, but let us never forget the lessons it taught us about the inevitable results of weakness, and moral cowardice.


Author’s Note: To do justice to my parents, I was raised in a household in direct contrast to the prevailing values of time and those I observed in friends, neighbors and family members. I attribute much of my success to being raised in a traditional nuclear family steeped in Western Culture. The failures and struggles I continue to see with friends and peers reinforce the idea that medication and entertainment are no way to create a functioning adult.

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