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Near Vertical Incidence Skywave- Simplified

A revised version of one of the original articles appearing at the Brushbeater blog. NVIS, as discussed, is a regional communications method using HF. While deceptively simple, regular practice with it is the method of choice for regional radio communications even in poor solar conditions.

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Honor in Agitation and Defiance

Sometimes the dirty tricks we need to be able to engage in as part of activism and resistance violate other principles that we hold dear. There is a middle ground, and there is a way to have your activist cake and eat it too. It requires understanding yourself at your core, and being brutally honest about what’s in there.

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How to Do a Critical Information Analysis, Part 3

We’ve reached the third step in the OPSEC process: Analyze the Vulnerabilities. In other words, asking the question, “How could my adversary get my information?” This can be a bit of a gut check, because it’s when your idea of OPSEC meets your reality of OPSEC.

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Intel Tools Review: Buscador Investigative Operating System

If you do any kind of information digging or intelligence processing (and you most definitely should be), then you may have wondered if there are tools out there to make things a bit easier, such as software that collates the info, organizes it, or helps you make decisions based upon the information. The short answer is yes…and no.

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How to Do a Critical Information Analysis, Part I

OPSEC, or operations security, isn’t just about hiding secret squirrel stuff. It’s a logical, usually sequential process that determines what needs to be protected, why, and from whom, and it outlines a plan for you to mitigate the risk of them getting a hold of it.

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A Theory of Information Warfare

In order to shift your belief system, they must discredit the knowledge you have by superseding it with “new studies” or “scientists who have found” the information they wish for you to believe instead.

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