Some time ago I put together what I call my poor mans DMR rifle. I used a simple Palmetto State Armory 16″ midlength upper with a nitrided barrel. It originally had a fixed front sight which I cut down and added a Midwest Industries SLH handguard to. I topped it off with a simple Primary Arms 1-8x scope. The idea was to have a rifle that could pull double duty as a general purpose fighting rifle and also be capable of engaging targets more accurately a little further out when needed. Nothing “special” and not meant to be a precision gun.

I finally got around to during some accuracy testing and thought I’d share the results. Personally, I’m quite happy with it. This rifle is a good addition to our lineup.


Some options in case you’re interested in something similar.

PSA Free float build kit –

PSA Free float upper –

PSA Standard upper –

PSA Stripped lower –

Primary Arms 1-8x ACSS scope –