Over the course of a week or so, the AP staff was having a running conversation via email about the preparedness levels of the Leftists and Communists. Even though the Right likes to portray these individuals as as weak Soy Boys who don’t know their own gender, there is a very serious and very determined Leftist guerilla and militia movement that seems to be flying under the radar of most patriots either because they grossly underestimate them or they just don’t know. Below is a portion of the conversation among the AP staff. I encourage you to ponder the points raised in the article.

Holy Serf

I’m sure you may have seen these but I thought I’d send this anyway….https://socialistra.org

It’s scary to think most everyone thinks the Left is anti gun, and don’t know their own sex. I think the armed Right is going to be  standing flat footed. I’ve seen the Facebook militia groups and many don’t impress me one bit.


NC Scout

The big thing to keep in mind with these guys is a very specific cultural difference, and by that I mean not in the political sense.  They value and actively recruit those with combat experience, and in my own observations, do exactly what they’re advised. The III% crowd, by and large, doesn’t. They’re too busy reaffirming their own normalcy bias and bogged down in pointless arguments while trying (and failing) to adapt leftist ideas to their own.

People seem to not realize the Left is very serious about the course of Revolution. For them, the revolutions of each nation state were not solitary moments in time but rather pieces of a larger whole, one which continues today in this nation. To them, the current State is nothing more than a bourgeois social construct which favors oligarchy and thus the continued exploitation of the lower classes. Its very much a real fight and one they intend upon winning. They skewer far younger and this is significant not simply from a military model, but a sociological one as well recognizing that most of these people have vast amounts of student debt and little hope for a future. That hopelessness breeds insurrection.

On the Right, we not only fail to understand them but still cannot create a competent answer to the same questions. And until we do so, we will continue to flounder. Since the III% crowd is too busy lamenting why everyone won’t buy a $1200 AR and spend every weekend doing pointless reflexive fire drills, they’re going to continue to be pigeon holed into irrelevance.


Jesse James

One thing I would counter is that the retards get the most coverage, always. Guys like us don’t get coverage because I don’t talk about why I have poison ivy or bug bites from the woods or sore muscles at work. I put a tie on with my normie mask. While trying to avoid projecting, there a fair number of guys I think that do the same. Our major shortfall is a) lack of competent leadership/organization and b) lack of a political arm to provide top cover for more radical elements. The left has both, and while they have some rich guys our advantage is a great many of us aren’t poor. Their cash comes from a handful of very deep wells that can be poisoned. It’s harder when you have 100k guys who all are middle class and can sustain at least yourself and provide your own war chest.

It’s not much but there’s ways imho we can play to our strengths and exploit their weaknesses. By and large most of these people have little social credit, and no real input into the day to day financial engine of the country. In my AO there’s an active communist group but while they are putting their degrees to work for free they aren’t doing anything professionally. Their contacts are peer to peer but they don’t have any networking vertically in the community really. A large number of the left also rely on their collective hatred for whites to cobble together alliances that are shaky at best. Things aren’t good, but there’s always weaknesses to exploit. On the bright side if we all get boxcar-ed the first world all these kids want to live in for free goes with us. They are hungry, smart and motivated, but their ideology and methodology cripples them in many areas and can be used against them.


Holy Serf

I agree with you. Those are good points. I make it a point not to present myself as a gun guy or tactical guy. I stay middle of the road and watch what the sheeple are wearing. As a former cop, I can spot likely people who are CCW. Mostly by their clothing or how they  adjust their clothing. I try not to dress that way. I especially do not photograph my weapons or myself in military clothing. I want to be as “underground” as possible.  I would like to “observe and report” rather than a “direct action mission” with full battle rattle. That being said, I’m focusing on my radio gear to be highly portable.


NC Scout

One more point re: leftists. Take into account their hubris. They have much of it. This thing *will* go hot and soon. For them it has to and their rhetoric, particularly yesterday’s display, was a not-so-subtle dog whistle to motivate their violent base. Some have drawn parallels to the Tea Party and while sociologically that can be argued, the critical difference is their willingness to act. Their mass base is also <30, with a mountain of student debt they place blame upon banks for incurring (which we know is their own damn fault, but that’s irrelevant to the question). Tea party folks were only reactionary and had too much social capital to do anything meaningful.

It will not be long before we see a campaign of bombings. There’s a book by one of the anarchist writers, forgot which one, called “Politics of the Bomb”, and that’s an accurate label. The armed guys parading in gear are literally the same as the so-called constitutional militias. A display. The bombings on the other hand, those are force multipliers and when done right, instantly satisfying CARVER.

It ain’t going just yet, but it ain’t far off.


Holy Serf

I found a series podcast called It Could Happen Here which is their take on CW II coming. Most the podcasts on their side are gibberish and they focus on “political prisoners” which is a common phrase among them. There is the Socialist Rifle Association website that has intel such as their manuals on firearms use and chemical attacks. They also sell patches for plate carriers too.  Those are recognized among their crowd but not noticeable among outsiders. A common piece of clothing is the bandanna. Red is very common. I’ve also seen a lot of brown & black ones. The entire group will wear the same color which is a giveaway to them being there as a common group. I’ve seen a few instances where they work by being “leaderless” and don’t take instructions from one person. More like cells.


Bryce Sharper

Whatever the government permits it promotes.  It has been promoting Antifa for the last 3 years at least.  You wrote, “To them, the current State is nothing more than a bourgeois social construct which favors oligarchy and thus the continued exploitation of the lower classes. Its very much a real fight and one they intend upon winning.” They’re correct about the oligarchy which the American people have allowed to grow over the decades by their passivity.  If they start a revolution as they say they want to, it will be in Portland, Seattle, and other urban hives of this activity.  Will the Feds deal with this? I have no idea.  They are permitting/promoting it while they prosecute right wing groups.  Maybe the Feds see them as some sort of tool in their larger plan?  If so, the Feds are mistaken.  It seems to me that if these Antifa groups start their revolution, they’re not going to answer to anyone in Washington if successful.  I could be wrong about this. Look at Ayers and Obama and the other ’70s Marxist revolutionaries: they’re enjoying their tenures and sinecures.

Their behavior indicates a father hunger.  No one ever looked out for these people growing up.  They’ve consequently made a lot of bad life decisions and think a revolution will atone for them all while solving all their problems like their student loan debt.  I think some of their grievances should be dealt with.  Student loans should be forgiven.  We used to have usury laws to protect the poor from the rich.  The tax codes need to be revised to make earned income great again.  We need to onshore entry-level jobs.  Even if we did all those things, Marxists have historically been adverse to work.  Indeed, their arrogance makes them unemployable.  They seem to oscillate between a lot of talk and revolution.  We’re in a Weimar republic stage judging by our debt and sexual ethics.  This will obviously end badly.


NC Scout

“If they start a revolution as they say they want to, it will be in Portland, Seattle, and other urban hives of this activity.”

They already won there. Its what Che Guevara called “warfare on favorable ground”. What they’re actually preparing for is “warfare on unfavorable ground”, which are moving into rural areas. And while everyone is lulled into believing ‘THEY CAN’T DO THAT HERE!!!! WE GONNA LOCK N LOAD!!!’, think about it like this- under who’s orders do you ‘lock n load’? When will you know? And how will you know? Rural areas would easily be overrun and their complacency among law enforcement not prepared to deal with a maoist insurgency is proof positive.

And Redneck Revolt, JBGC, etc, are nearly exclusively self-admitted Maoists. I suggest you start profiling the denizens of ‘local’ organic markets. Those are your insurgents. I’ve been doing so for some time.


Holy Serf

Me thinks the media will twist anything to benefit the Left groups. Fake News is an earned nickname. I have noticed that the armed Left are not only becoming familiar with firearms, they are gathering clothes for the poor, feeding them, and other community services. Winning the hearts and minds of the community. While doing so, they quietly recruiting.


Are you seeking training? The Left is already hard at work.

Tempus Fugit.